10 Facts about Flightless Birds

Facts about Flightless Birds make you talk about the birds, which have lost their ability to fly. Penguins, kiwi, rhea, cassowary, emu and ostrich are some flightless birds in the world. They evolve into the flightless birds to match the environment. Ostrich takes the record as the largest living flightless bird, which has the weight of 156 kilogram and length of 2.7 metres.  The smallest flightless bird is the inaccessible island rail with the weight of 34.7 gram and length of 12.5 cm. Here are other unique facts about flightless birds to notice:

Facts about Flightless Birds 1: farming ostriches

Ostriches are important birds in the industries. People farm them to take their skins, meat and feathers.

Flightless Birds Image

Flightless Birds Image

Facts about Flightless Birds 2: the ability to fly

The ability of fly is lost for many domesticated birds like domestic ducks and domestic chickens. However, their ancestors had the ability to fly for extended period.

Facts about Flightless Birds 3: the total loss of flight

The total loss of flight is experienced by the Broad Breasted White turkey due to the selective breeding. The birds with heavy weight also lost their ability to fly for the wings are not capable to support fly.

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Flightless Birds

Flightless Birds

Facts about Flightless Birds 4: New Zealand

The country, which owns more species of flightless birds in the world, is New Zealand.  They include takahe, a number of species of penguins and kiwi.

Facts about Flightless Birds 5: the major reason

The major reason why New Zealand is mostly inhabited by the flightless bird is due to the lack of large land predators in the country.

Facts about Flightless Birds 6: the extinct flightless birds

Many members of flightless birds are extinct. They include the Asian strict, king island emu, Tasmanian emu, kangaroo island emu, elephant birds and moa.

Facts about Flightless Birds 7: the members of extant flightless birds

The extant species of flightless kiwis include Great spotted kiwi, little spotted kiwi, southern brown kiwi, okarito kiwi, and north island brown kiwi.

Flightless Birds Facts

Flightless Birds Facts

Facts about Flightless Birds 8: Gigantism

Gigantism is considered as a cause of flightless bird. It correlates if the birds live in an island, which lacks of competition and predators.

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Facts about Flightless Birds 9: kiwi

Even though gigantism is cited as a cause of flightlessness, it does not apply to kiwi. This animal is a flightless bird even though it does not exhibit gigantism.

Facts about Flightless Birds

Facts about Flightless Birds

Facts about Flightless Birds 10: the differences of flightless and flying birds

The absent keel on the breastbone and smaller wing bone are spotted on the flightless birds. The wing movement requires the keel muscles.

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