10 Facts about Flight 93

Facts about Flight 93 talk about the hijacked passenger flight. The official name is United Airlines Flight 53. Four Al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked this domestic scheduled passenger flight. It was included in the notable event of September 11 attacks. The passengers and crew of the flights tried to regain control over Flight 93. However, it crashed into a field located in Somerset County, Pennsylvania during the attempt.  Let us find out other unique facts about Flight 93 below:

Facts about Flight 93 1: the death toll

Flight 93 killed 44 people.  The four hijackers were also killed in the flight.

Facts about Flight 93
Facts about Flight 93

Facts about Flight 93 2: the aircraft

Boeing 757–222 was the aircraft, which carried the passengers in Flight 93. This airplane was on the route to reach San Francisco International Airport in California from Newark International Airport for a scheduled morning flight.

Facts about Flight 93 3: the action of the hijackers

Around 46 minutes after the aircraft took off; the cockpit was stormed by the hijackers.  The autopilot was de-activated by the pilot and first officer to obstruct the hijackers.

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Flight 93 Facts
Flight 93 Facts

Facts about Flight 93 4: Ziad Jarrah

The obstruction was not a big deal for the hijackers because Ziad Jarrah had his training as a pilot. He controlled the aircraft and directed it toward Washington DC. The Capitol Building was the intended target according to the claim of Ramzi bin al-Shibh and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Facts about Flight 93 5: suicide attacks

The flight attendants and some passengers had been informed via phone calls that Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia and World Trade Center in New York City had been crashed by the hijacked airlines.

Facts about Flight 93 6: the role of the passengers

The passengers in Flight 93 were not passive since they tried to regain control over the airplane. However, the airplane crashed a field during one of their attempts. Within an hour, news agencies started to report the impact of the airplane crash.

Facts about Flight 93 7: the hijacked aircrafts

On 11 September, four aircrafts were hijacked by the terrorists. They included United Airlines Flight 93, American Airlines Flight 77, United Airlines Flight 175 and American Airlines Flight 11.  The only aircraft, which did not crash the intended target, was Flight 53.

Flight 93 Image
Flight 93 Image

Facts about Flight 93 8: heroism

Flight 53 was associated with heroism conducted by the passengers inside the plane. After the attacks, the crash site featured a temporary memorial.

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Facts about Flight 93 9: permanent memorial

On 10 September 2011, a permanent memorial was established as Flight 93 National Memorial.

Flight 93
Flight 93

Facts about Flight 93 10: the hijackers

The leaders of the four hijackers of flight 53 was Ziad Jarrah. He was a member of Al-Qaeda.

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