10 Fun Facts about Flies

The insects included in Diptera order are explained on Fun Facts about Flies. It is a large order, which contains hoverflies, crane flies and horse flies. The scientists have described around 125,000 species of Diptera though actually it contains 1,000,000 species. Flies are characterized by the presence of a pair of large compound eyes, a mobile head, and unique mouthparts. The latter ones are adapted for sucking, piercing, and lapping. The function depends on the species. Let’s find out other interesting facts about flies below:

Fun Facts about Flies 1: the body parts

Flies have the ability to cling on the smooth surface due to the unique pads and claws located on their feet. Flying is also easy to do due to the unique wings.

Flies Facts
Flies Facts

Fun Facts about Flies 2: life cycle

The complete metamorphosis is experienced by all flies for their life cycle.

Fun Facts about Flies 3: the importance of flies

If you think that flies are not important, you are wrong. The animals are important for human beings and ecology. They serve as pollinators.

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Fun Facts about Flies 4: a model organism

Many researches employ fruit flies as model organisms. However, not all of them are useful. The food-borne diseases are often spread by the houseflies.

Fun Facts about Flies 5: an annoying animal

In many parts of the world, flies are considered annoying animals. They often settle and bite the skin. Moreover, the buzzing sound makes people uncomfortable.

Fun Facts about Flies 6: the economic harm

The economic harm may occur on the cattle farm because of screwworms and tsetse flies.

Fun Facts about Flies 7: maggots

Maggots are defined as the blowfly larvae.  Most of them are used to feed the carnivorous animals and fishing bait.  Some traditional medicine also employs maggots for cleaning wounds.


Fun Facts about Flies 8: a complete metamorphosis

A complete metamorphosis occurs on flies. The first stage is egg. Then it will reach larva and pupa states. The last stage is as an adult. The latter one has the shorter life, while the longer life is spotted on the larval stage.

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Fun Facts about Flies 9: the adult

The adult flies have short life. In this stage, they will mate and produce eggs.

Facts about Flies
Facts about Flies

Fun Facts about Flies 10: in popular culture

Since the ancient Greece, flies have been featured in the world of literature. Do you know that the creation of flying robot miniature was inspired by flies?

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