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10 Facts about Flag Day

Facts about Flag Day talk about an important celebration in United States. On 14th of June, people in US celebrate the event. The primary purpose is for commemorating the adoption of US flag. The resolution of the Second Continental..

10 Facts about the First Day of Spring

Facts about the First Day of Spring tell us about the one of the four seasons in the planet. The local customs, cultures, and climate will affect how people define and describe spring season. The Southern Hemisphere is in..

10 Interesting Facts about FIFA World Cup 2014

Facts about FIFA World Cup 2014 narrate the story about the recent World Cup tournament held in Brazil. The event was held from June 12th until July 13th, 2014. Germany appeared as the winner of the tournament. In 2007,..

Top 10 Facts about February

We will talk about the second month in Gregorian and Julian calendars on Facts about February. The only month, which has the length of less than 30 days, is February. Thus, it is called the shortest month. In the..

10 Facts about Fat Tuesday

The famous celebration of Mardi Gras is explained on Facts about Fat Tuesday. People also call it Shrove Tuesday. The peak of the celebration takes place one day before Ash Wednesday. It begins on or after Epiphany. People celebrate..

10 Fun Facts about Father’s Day

The celebration to honor fatherhood is elaborated on Fun Facts about Father’s Day. Father’s Day is not a new celebration for it can be traced back since the middle Ages.  The celebration took place on March 19 in Catholic..

10 Facts about Fashion Week

One of the famous events in fashion is explained on Facts about Fashion Week.  The latest collection of the prominent fashion houses, brands and designers in the world will be displayed on the runways. The media and spectators will..

10 Facts about Fasching

There will be a mass concentration of people when a parade is conducted. Fasching is one of the notable parades. It is held in a number of German-speaking countries like in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  The traditions and customs..