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10 Facts about Flight 93

Facts about Flight 93 talk about the hijacked passenger flight. The official name is United Airlines Flight 53. Four Al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked this domestic scheduled passenger flight. It was included in the notable event of September 11 attacks. The..

10 Facts about Flightless Birds

Facts about Flightless Birds make you talk about the birds, which have lost their ability to fly. Penguins, kiwi, rhea, cassowary, emu and ostrich are some flightless birds in the world. They evolve into the flightless birds to match..

10 Facts about Flight Attendants

The occupation, which has something to with airlines, is explained on facts about flight attendants. People also call them cabin crew. In the past, the occupation was known as cabin attendants, air hosts or hostess, stewards or stewardess. During..

10 Fun Facts about Flight

Fun Facts about Flight give you the interesting information about an object, which moves beyond or through atmosphere.  Flight can be conducted in various ways such as by having ballistic movement, buoyancy, propulsion, and aerodynamic lift. Flight is spotted..

10 Fun Facts about Flies

The insects included in Diptera order are explained on Fun Facts about Flies. It is a large order, which contains hoverflies, crane flies and horse flies. The scientists have described around 125,000 species of Diptera though actually it contains..

10 Facts about Flickr

You will get the information about an image and video hosting website on Facts about Flickr. Have you accessed Flickr before?  In 2004, Ludicorp created the website. On 20 March 2005, Yahoo decided to acquire Flickr. This website is..

10 Facts about Flexibility

Facts about Flexibility talk about the absolute range of movement. It is also called as limberness.  When people have greater flexibility, it is easy for them to bend motion or movement. The muscle length and multi-joint muscles of an..

10 Facts about Fleur Adcock

Facts about Fleur Adcock present the information about the poet and editor from New Zealand. He was born on February 10th, 1934. She spent most of her life living in England. Adcock had the Northern Irish and English ancestry...

10 Facts about Fleas

Facts about Fleas tell you about small flightless insects. Their primary diet of fleas is the blood from their host. They live as parasitic animals. The host includes birds and mammals. The brown color is spotted on the adult..

10 Facts about Flatford Mill

Facts about Flatford Mill tell the readers about a Grade I listed building. It is located in England. You just have to reach Flatford in East Bergholt, Suffolk to spot this historical building. It sits on the River Stour...

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