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10 Fun Facts about Flying Squirrels

Flying squirrels are a fascinating group of rodents known for their unique ability to glide through the air. Despite their name, these squirrels do not actually “fly” in the way birds do but use a membrane called a patagium..

10 Facts about Flightless Birds

Facts about Flightless Birds make you talk about the birds, which have lost their ability to fly. Penguins, kiwi, rhea, cassowary, emu and ostrich are some flightless birds in the world. They evolve into the flightless birds to match..

10 Fun Facts about Flies

The insects included in Diptera order are explained on Fun Facts about Flies. It is a large order, which contains hoverflies, crane flies and horse flies. The scientists have described around 125,000 species of Diptera though actually it contains..

10 Facts about Fleas

Facts about Fleas tell you about small flightless insects. Their primary diet of fleas is the blood from their host. They live as parasitic animals. The host includes birds and mammals. The brown color is spotted on the adult..

10 Fun Facts about Flatworms

Fun Facts about Flatworms tell the readers about a phylum of invertebrates, which have soft and unsegmented body. It is often called as Platyhelminthes. Flatworms do not have any body cavity. The respiratory and circulatory organs of flatworms are..

10 Fun Facts about Flamingos

Fun Facts about Flamingos tell us about a type of wading bird. They are included in the family Phoenicopteridae. The Old World had two species of flamingo, while America has four species of flamingos.  The species of flamingos are..

10 Facts about Fishing Cats

Facts about Fishing Cats present the information about a medium-sized wild cat.  IUCN has enlisted it Vulnerable since 2016. It has the biological name of Prionailurus viverrinus. This wild cat is spotted in Southeast Asia and South Asia. Over..

Top 10 Facts about Fish

Facts about Fish talk about an animal, which lives underwater. The soft-bodied chordates were included as the earliest form of fish, which occurred during Cambrian period. Compared to other invertebrates, they are more agile due to the presence of..

10 Facts about Fire Ants

Why don’t you look at the following Facts about Fire Ants to know the species of ants? They are included in genus Solenopsis that have more than 200 species in the world. The members of the genus are tropical..

10 Facts about Finger Monkeys

Facts about Finger Monkeys present the information about a small New World Monkey. It has the biological name of Cebuella pygmaea. They occupy rainforests located at the western Amazon Basin, South America. The weight of finger monkeys is more..

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