10 Facts about Fennec Foxes

You will be informed with a small nocturnal fox on Facts about Fennec Foxes. It has the scientific name of Vulpes zerda.  The foxes inhabit the Sahara of North Africa. The foxes have the ability to dissipate heat because of the unique large ears. The term fennec is taken from the Arabic word of fanak. The meaning is fox. On other hand, the Greek word xeros is the root of zerda, the biological name of fennec foxes. The term xeros means dry. The term is selected to refer to the habitat of fennec foxes. Let us check other interesting facts about fennec foxes below:

Facts about Fennec Foxes 1: the physical features

Let us find out the physical features of fennec foxes. In canid group, it is considered as the smallest one.  They will live well in the desert environment with low water and high temperature for the kidney, ears and coat can adapt the harsh environment.

Facts about Fennec Foxes

Facts about Fennec Foxes

Facts about Fennec Foxes 2: the diet

The primary diets of fennec foxes include birds, insects and small mammals. The hearing sense is impressive. The foxes are capable to sense the sound of the moving animals underground.

Facts about Fennec Foxes 3: the predator

The African varieties of eagle owls are the primary predators of fennec foxes.

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Fennec Foxes Pictures

Fennec Foxes Pictures

Facts about Fennec Foxes 4: the life span

If fennec foxes live in captivity, the life span may reach 14 years. In the wild, fennec foxes live inside dens that they dig in the sand. The dens may cover the area of 1,292 square feet or 120 meter square.

Facts about Fennec Foxes 5: the number of population

There is no record related to the number of fennec foxes. However, it is believed that fennec foxes are not in the bridge of extinction due to the frequent sighting.

Facts about Fennec Foxes 6: the value

The native people in North Africa value the fur of fennec foxes.  The animals are favorable among the people due to its exotic look.

Facts about Fennec Foxes 7: the weight

Fennec foxes have the length around 9 to 16 inches or 24 to 41 cm. The weight is around 0.68 to 1.59 kilogram or 1.5 to 3.5 lbs.

Fennec Foxes Facts

Fennec Foxes Facts

Facts about Fennec Foxes 8: the coat color

The coat has fluffy texture and cream color. When the night comes, the foxes will feel warm.

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Facts about Fennec Foxes 9: the basic social unit

Fennec foxes live in a family. The mated pair and their offspring are considered as the members of basic social unit.

Fennec Foxes

Fennec Foxes

Facts about Fennec Foxes 10: sounds

A number of sounds are produced by fennec foxes. They include a snark, purring and barking sound.

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