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10 Facts about Fingers

A type of digit on the human body is explained on Facts about Fingers. It can be found on the hands. It is known as an organ of sensation and manipulation. Phalanges are the bones found on the five..

10 Facts about Fingernails

Get Facts about Fingernails in the following post below. The tips of the finger feature a horn-like envelope called a nail. Actually, it can be found on the toes too. Not only human but also primates have fingernails. In..

Top 10 Facts about Fingerprints

The below article will present Facts about Fingerprints.  When police are working in a crime scene, they always try to look for fingerprints. It has been used as a significant technique in forensic science. The fingerprint is defined as..

10 Facts about the Femur

The human body consists of many parts. One of them is femur. The common name is thighbone.  Actually, the reptiles, land mammals and birds also have femur. It enables us to jump and walk. The femur is only found..

10 Facts about Female Sexuality

The wide range of processes and behaviors of human female sexuality will be elaborated on Facts about Female Sexuality. It involves various issues such as religious, spiritual, cultural, social, and psychological aspects of sexuality. It has been a subject..

10 Facts about Female Reproductive System

Check Facts about Female Reproductive System to give you insights about the external and internal sex organs of females. It is often called as female genital system.  When the girl is at the phase of puberty, the reproduction system..

10 Odd Facts about Female Body

You will be informed with physical shape of female body by reading Odd Facts about Female Body.  People pay high level of attention on the female body because it is a source of reproduction, fertility, sexual attraction and aesthetic..

10 Facts about Fathers

Look at facts about fathers if you want to know the male parent of a child. The jurisdiction will determine the extent of the obligations and rights of fathers to their child.  There are two types of father. They..

10 Facts about Fasting

Read Facts about Fasting for those who want to know more about the reduction or abstinence of food and drink consumptions during a certain period. Water fasting is defined by the abstinence from all kinds of foods. However, it..

10 Amazing Facts about Farts

Facts about Farts talk about the flatulence. The digestive fart is caused by the gases produced from the stomach or intestine.   The term flatulence is taken from the Latin word of Flatus. The meaning is breaking wind or a..