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10 Facts about Flakka

Facts about Flakka tell you about a designer drug. This synthetic stimulant is often called as α-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone or gravel. The latter one is a colloquial name.  The development of the drug took place in 1960s.  It has some adverse..

Top 10 Facts about First Aid

Get the useful information on Facts about First Aid. It helps you to deal with the person suffering from a sudden injury. You can promote recovery and prevent the worsened condition on this person with the proper first aid...

10 Facts about FGM

Facts about FGM tell the readers about female genital mutilation.   This ritual of female circumcision takes place in Middle East, Asia and Africa. It occurs by removing or cutting parts of all external genitalia of females. The procedures were..

10 Facts about Fertility Treatment

Facts about Fertility Treatment talk about the ART or assisted reproductive technology. The primary purpose is to achieve pregnancy. It can be conducted in a number of methods. The prominent one includes in vitro fertilization, fertility medication and surrogacy...

10 Facts about Fertilization

We will give interesting information about the union of a human egg and sperm on facts about fertilization. It usually takes place in the ampulla of falopian tube. Human fertilization has been a vital subject to discuss in biology..

10 Facts about FASD

Facts about FASD will inform us with the fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. The chance of having this condition is higher on person whose mother consumes alcoholic drinks during the pregnancy. The medical conditions include the problem related to seeing..