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10 Facts about Fertilizer

Facts about Fertilizer inform the readers with a material used to provide more nutrients for plants, which enable them to grow well. There are two major types of fertilizers. Both are the synthetic or natural ones. The fertilizers will..

10 Facts about Farming in Ireland

Find Facts about Farming in Ireland in the following post. Farming accounts for 19.5 percent of the total area. It makes up 3,326,000 acres or 1,346,000 hectares. All of them were used to plant crops in 1998.  The land..

10 Facts about Farming in China

One of the important economical sectors in China is agriculture or farming. The main agricultural products of the country include wheat, rice, potatoes, sorghum, tomato, tea, barley, millet, peanuts, soybeans, oilseed, and cotton.  It is a home for 300..

10 Facts about Farming

The people can get food and raw materials by farming.  It is always included as a part of agriculture. The farmers will keep animals and grow crops to do farming. The origin of agriculture is dated back thousands of..

10 Facts about Farm Animals

Facts about Farm Animals tell us about a farm used for producing animals or products from animals. The farm may cover the areas from a hectare to thousands of hectares. It can be operated by a company, a corporation,..

10 Facts about Farming in the UK

Facts about Farming in the UK talk about the agriculture in United Kingdom.  The land area occupies by farming is around 69 percent.  The number of people involved in agricultural sector reaches 476,000 individuals.  It accounts for the national..