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10 Facts about Flickr

You will get the information about an image and video hosting website on Facts about Flickr. Have you accessed Flickr before?  In 2004, Ludicorp created the website. On 20 March 2005, Yahoo decided to acquire Flickr. This website is..

10 Facts about Flashlights

Facts about Flashlights talk about a portable hand-held electric device. The term flashlight is often used in North America. The people who live outside the region often call it a torch.  The LED or light emitting diode or an..

10 Facts about the First Television

The following post will discuss Facts about the First Television. TV or television is used for communication. The moving images will be transmitted on screen.  The first television had the black-and-white images. Today, you can get the colored 2D..

10 Facts about the First Telephone

Facts about the First Telephone tell the history about telephones. Many individuals are involved in the culmination works of the first telephones. Many companies and individuals were involved in the patent claims of telephone because this tool has a..

10 Facts about the First Steam Engine

Facts about the First Steam Engine tell the readers about a heat engine, which applied steam to perform the mechanical work.  It serves as the working fluid. The integrated steam plants are often referred to a steam engine in..

10 Facts about the First Computer

Let us find out the history of computer on facts about the first computer. It is a device used to perform logical and arithmetic operations. You just have to enter the instructions to make the device execute the operation...

10 Facts about Fiberglass

Let us find out the ideas about a fiber-reinforced plastic on Facts about Fiberglass. The glass fiber comes in a number of options. It can be woven, flattened or even arranged. Fiberglass is a preferable material because of its..

10 Facts about Fiber Optics

Get the information about a transparent and flexible fiber on Facts about Fiber Optics. It is often called as optical fiber. The diameter of fiber optic is a little bit thicker compared to a human hair. The primary component..

Top 10 Facts about Facebook

When people say Menlo Park, they always think about the infamous Facebook. This American company is focused on the online social media and social networking service. Mark Zuckerberg launched the website on 4th February 2004 along with his roommates..