10 Fun Facts about Falcons

Fun Facts about Falcons talk about a bird of prey included in genus Falco. They can be found in many parts of the world, but not in Antarctica. The member of genus Falco is 40 species. The wings are tapered and thin. Therefore, the adult falcons have the ability to alter the direction when flying rapidly and fly with high level of speed. The longer flight feathers are spotted on the young falcons, which still learn to fly.

Fun Facts about Falcons 1: the beak

The bird of prey uses the beak to kill the prey. It has different behavior from the other birds of prey like eagles and hawks since the latter two ones use their feet to kill the prey.

Falcon facts
Falcon facts

Fun Facts about Falcons 2: gyrfalcon

Gyrfalcon takes the record as the largest falcon, which has the length of 65 cm.

Fun Facts about Falcons 3: kestrels

The kestrels earn the record as the smallest falcons. The length of Seychelles kestrel is around 25 cm.

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Falcon pic
Falcon pic

Fun Facts about Falcons 4: the sexual dimorphism

The sexual dimorphism is spotted on falcons. The males usually are smaller than the females.

Fun Facts about Falcons 5: the vision and diving speed

The diving speed of peregrine falcons is measured at 320 kilometer per hour or 200 mph. Most falcons have great vision. Compared to human vision, their vision is 2.6 times better.

Fun Facts about Falcons 6: the divisions of falcons

The divisions of falcons include three groups. They are the kestrels, the hobbies, and the peregrine falcons. The small and stocky body is found on the first group. The plumage of the second group is in dark slate grey color. The small birds are their main prey. The varied bird sizes are spotted on the third group. The terrestrial vertebrates and mid-sized birds are the primary prey for large falcon species.

Fun Facts about Falcons 7: the tails

The dark gray color is mostly found in all species of falcons.  It also features white tips and black banding.

Facts about Falcons
Facts about Falcons

Fun Facts about Falcons 8: the split

The split of molar striped kestrels from their relatives was traced back around 2 to 2.5 Mya. The upper mandible of the present-day members of genus falco has a “tooth”.

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Fun Facts about Falcons 9: the origin of main Falco group

The origin of the primary falco group was dated back around 2.4 to 8 million years ago.

Falcon image
Falcon image

Fun Facts about Falcons 10: the species

The species of falcons include Falco newtoni, Falco rupicolus, Falco moluccensis, Falco punctatus and Falco araea.

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