10 Facts about Finches

Let us find out the passerine birds on Facts about Finches. The true finches have the size from small to medium. They are included in family Fringillidae. The plumage is colorful. Since their primary diet is seed, the finches have south conical bill for that purpose. They are residential birds. They will not migrate from one place to another place. They inhabit different types of habitats in various parts of the world. However, you will not find them in the Polar Regions and Australia.

Facts about Finches 1: the Andean siskin

The biological name of the Andean siskin is Spinus spinescens. It is considered as the smaller true finches, which have the length of 3.8 inches or 9.5 cm.

Facts about Finches

Facts about Finches

Facts about Finches 2: goldfinch

The weight of a goldfinch reaches 0.28 oz or 8 gram.

Facts about Finches 3: the largest species

The larger species of finches are measured at 9.4 inches or 24 cm represented by Mycerobas affinis or the collared grosbeak. It has the weight of 2.9 oz or 83 grams.

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Facts about Finches 4: other larger species

The pine grosbeak has the weight up to 3.04 oz or 86.1 gram. It has the biological name of Pinicola enucleator.

Facts about Finches 5: the adaptive radiation

The adaptive radiation affects the physical look Hawaiian honeycreepers. Thus, they have different sizes and shapes of bill.

Facts about Finches 6: the plumage

As I have stated before, finches have colorful plumage.   Brown is considered as the basic color of its plumage. However, others may have green or white plumage.

Facts about Finches 7: the rare color

It is rare for finches to have the blue color. Most of them have red or bright yellow colors.  You can distinguish the female and male for the former one has lack of bright carotenoid marking.



Facts about Finches 8: habitat

Finches can be found living in the deserts, mountains and wooded areas.

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Facts about Finches 9: foods

Finches eat different kinds of foods. Their diet includes berries and arthropods. Nectar is a part of the diet for Hawaiian honeycreepers.

Finches Facts

Finches Facts

Facts about Finches 10: the species

Finches have a number of species. One of them is Coccothraustes coccothraustes or hawfinch. They can be found in temperate Asia and Europe. Another species is Haemorhous cassinii or Cassin’s finch. The adult one has the brown wings and brown tail. They inhabit Southern California, Arizona and New Mexico.

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