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10 Facts about the First Automobile

Facts about the First Automobile will tell the readers about the early history of automobile. There are a number of periods, which define the automobile history. The preferences related to the utility, size and exterior styling defines the later..

10 Facts about Fiat

Find out the useful information about the largest automobile manufacturer on Facts about Fiat.  The official name is Fiat Automobiles S.p.A. People often call it FIAT. The history of Fiat was traced back in 1899 when the first production..

10 Fun Facts about Ferrari

Let me show you the interesting information about the Italian sports car manufacturer on Facts about Ferrari. The base of this company is located in Maranello. In 1939, Enzo Ferrari established the company as Auto Avio Costruzioni. In 1940,..

10 Facts about Ferdinand Porsche

Facts about Ferdinand Porsche present the information about an automotive engineer. He was born on September 3rd, 1875 and died on January 30th, 1951. Do you know that Porsche Car Company was established by Porsche? Porsche had a number..

10 Facts about Fast Cars

Find Facts about Fast Cars in the following post. You will know the cars with the record-breaking top speeds in the world. The street-legal production cars are available in the world. They are adapted from the fast racecars. Actually,..