10 Facts about Flight Attendants

The occupation, which has something to with airlines, is explained on facts about flight attendants. People also call them cabin crew. In the past, the occupation was known as cabin attendants, air hosts or hostess, stewards or stewardess. During the commercial flights, the flight attendants are always present to make sure that the passengers are in comfort and safety. Let us find out other details about flight attendants below:

Facts about Flight Attendants 1: training

Before a person is employed as a flight attendant, he or she should receive a specific training. The length of training course depends on the airline and country. Usually it lasts for six weeks.

Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant

Facts about Flight Attendants 2: safety

Safety is the major skill that the flight attendants should focus in the training process

Facts about Flight Attendants 3: the training facility

Breech Academy, Trans World Airlines was one of the major training facilities for flight attendants. It was opened in Overland Park, Kansas in 1969. In 1988, the school was closed.

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Flight Attendants Facts

Flight Attendants Facts

Facts about Flight Attendants 4: the safety training

The topics in the safety training include the first aid, in-flight firefighting, use of life rafts or evacuation slides, emergency passenger evacuation management, emergency landing procedures, defibrillation, CPR, security, crew resources management and decompression emergencies.

Facts about Flight Attendants 5: a certificate

A Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency should be held by flight attendants for an aircraft, which has 20 or more seats in United States according to Federal Aviation Administration.

Facts about Flight Attendants 6: languages

It is required for flight attendants to have proficiency in a number of languages so that it accommodates the international passengers.

Facts about Flight Attendants 7: the languages in demands

Hindi, French, Cantonese, Mandarin Spanish, Japanese, Arabic Bengali, Turkish, Italian, German and Portuguese are some languages in demand other than English.

Flight Attendants

Flight Attendants

Facts about Flight Attendants 8: height

Due to the safety reason, height is very important for a flight attendant. The flight attendant should be capable to reach the overhead safety equipment.

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Facts about Flight Attendants 9: the acceptable height

The acceptable height for a flight attendant is measured around four feet 11 inches to 6 feet 1 inch or 150 to 185 centimeters.

Facts about Flight Attendants

Facts about Flight Attendants

Facts about Flight Attendants 10: the weight

The weight and height of a flight attendant should be proportional. The nonproportional one usually will be rejected as a flight attendant.

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