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Top 10 Facts about Feminism

Look at Facts about Feminism if you want to know the social and political movement for the benefits of women. The primary objective is to give women social, personal, economic, and political rights. The equality between men and women..

10 Facts about Famine in Africa

Africa is the continent mainly affected by famine.  The Upper Egypt experienced drought for several decades in the mid-22nd century BC. The climate change led into the reduction of precipitation in the area. The Old Kingdom collapsed due to..

10 Facts about Famine

The life of people in the world is not always lucky. Some people have to live in the unfortunate condition with shortage of food. The scarcity of food may lead into famine. If you want to know more about..

10 Facts about Family

If you like to study about the human society, read Facts about Family. The marriage, birth and other relationships may affiliate the people into a group called family.  The spouses, parents, sisters, brothers, daughters and sons are included as..

10 Facts about Fair Trade Cotton

Facts about Fair Trade Cotton try to give the people insights related to the international trade of cotton. This product is as important as banana, coffee or even tea. Therefore, the fair trade certification is introduced to make sure..

10 Facts about Fair Trade Coffee

Coffee is an important product grown in the developing countries besides cotton, tea, bananas and cocoa. To improve the income of the coffee farmers, the certified fair trade is applied on the coffee products. It helps the farmers and..

10 Facts about Fair Trade Chocolate

Chocolate is a product created from cocoa. The trade of cocoa in the world has gained the worldwide attention for it is imported from the developing countries. The facts about fair trade chocolate will tell the readers about a..

10 Facts about Fair Trade Bananas

Facts about Fair Trade Bananas inform us with a marketing strategy conducted to improve the wages of agricultural workers and price for the banana growers. It is not a kind of commercial brand. The producers will have a partnership..

10 Fun Facts about Fair Trade

Fun Facts about Fair Trade will explain about the social movement to achieve sustainable farming and increase better trading for the producers in developing countries. The members seek for improvement in the environmental and social standards. The fair trade..