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10 Facts about Flat Earth

Facts about Flat Earth give the readers the information about an old conception that the shape of earth was in disk or plane. China believed in this flat earth cosmography until 17th century.  The Gupta period in the early..

10 Fast Facts about the Flash

Fast Facts about the Flash talk about a freeware software in Firefox and Internet Explorer. It is labeled as Shockwave Flash. The software is used to stream video and audio, execute internet applications and view multimedia. The content for..

10 Facts about the First Airplane

The credit of the first airplane in the world is taken by the famous Wright brothers. They are Orville and Wilbur Wright. You will know more about the inventors and their invention by reading Facts about the First Airplane...

10 Facts about Fire Extinguishers

Facts about Fire Extinguishers inform the readers about a tool used for control or extinguish small fires. During an emergency circumstance, people use it to extinguish fire. It is known as an active fire protection tool. If the fire..

10 Fun Facts about Fire

Fun Facts about Fire present the information about the process of combustion, which produces light and heat. Actually, other reaction products are also generated. Flames will be produced during the ignition point. The visible part of fire is the..

10 Facts about Fetal Development

Facts about Fetal Development tell the readers about the process of gestation in human being. The first stage is characterized by the fertilization when sperm and ovum meet. Then the stage will followed by the fetal development. The last..

10 Facts about Faraday

When you learn about electrochemistry and electromagnetism, you will have to learn the works of Michael Faraday. He was born on September 22nd, 1791 and died on August 25th, 1867. This English scientist took the credit for his works..