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10 Facts about the First Amendment

We will discuss facts about the First Amendment. It tells you more about the history of United States. Amendment I was included in one of the 10 Amendments on the Bill of Rights. On 15 December 1791, it was..

10 Facts about Firearms

A type of weapon is explained on Facts about Firearms. This barreled weapon is considered as a portable gun. It may contain one or more projectiles.  China had the first primitive firearms dated back in 13th century. It a..

10 Facts about Ferguson Case

Facts about Ferguson Case present the details about the shooting of Michael Brown, which took place in Ferguson, Missouri on 9th August 2014. Therefore, it is called Ferguson Case. A white police officer in Ferguson, Darren Wilson fatally shot..

10 Facts about the Federal Court System

Find out one of the three branches of federal governments in United States. The federal court has the similar status with the legislative and executive branches. The laws of federal government and US Constitutions will organize the federal court..

10 Facts about Family Violence

The term family violence refers to the battering, domestic abuse and domestic violence. The following Facts about Family Violence will discuss it in details.  The violence is conducted within the family, cohabitation or marriage. It may involve the abuse..

10 Facts about Fair Use

There is no need for us to get the permission from the rights holders to have limited use of copyrighted material. This legal doctrine is known in United States. It will be explained in details on facts about fair..