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10 Fun Facts about Finland

Let us get the Fun Facts about Finland below. This country is located in Northern Europe. It has the official name of Republic of Finland. Scandinavia is included in this Nordic country. In 2014, it was a home for..

10 Amazing Facts about Fiji

A country located in Melanesia is elaborated on Amazing Facts about Fiji. Have you ever visited Fiji before?    The official name of this archipelago is Republic of Fiji. It contains 330 islands. The inhabited ones are only 110 islands...

10 Facts about Faroe Islands

Let me show you the details about an archipelago located between the North Atlantic Sea and Norwegian Sea on Facts about Faroe Islands. In 2016, it was occupied by 49,188 people. Faroe Islands have the area of 541 sq..

10 Interesting Facts about Falkland Islands

An archipelago located on the Patagonian Shelf is explained on Facts about Falkland Islands. It consists of West Falkland, East Falkland and 776 smaller islands. It covers the area of 12,000 sq km or 4,700 sq mi. The foreign..