10 Facts about Fantasia

Walt Disney is still a famous figure in the world who founded Walt Disney Company.  One of his produced animated movies is explained on Facts about Fantasia. It was released in 1940. It is the third animated feature film of Disney. Ben Sharpsteen supervised the production, while Joe Grant and Dick Huemer had the story direction. It features the eight animated segments. The Master of Ceremonies of the film was at the hand of Deems Taylor who also served as the composer and music critic.

Facts about Fantasia 1: Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse had a comeback with Fantasia after this character earned reduced popularity among the audiences.

facts about Fantasia
facts about Fantasia

Facts about Fantasia 2: the production

Disney realized that the cost of production was beyond the budget and predicted income. Therefore, he created classical pieces by having other segments in the film.

Facts about Fantasia 3: the sound

Fantasia is considered as the first commercial which features the stereophonic found. The sound reproduction system called Fantasound and multiple audio channels were used to record the soundtracks.

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Facts about Fantasia 4: the film release

On 13th November 1940, Fantasia was released in 13 states of US. It could not be distributed to the European market because of the Second World War.

Facts about Fantasia 5: the reception

Fantasia was commercially successful. It was hard to make profit because of the Second World War. However, it earned favorable reviews from the critics.

Facts about Fantasia 6: the profit

The profit of Fantasia was low due to the high production cost. During the roadshow presentation, the movie was installed using the Fantasound equipment, which also increased the cost. The expense for leasing theaters was also high.

Facts about Fantasia 7: the income

Fantasia had generated $76.4 million as of 2012. Over the years, Fantasia expanded into a sequel, a live concert, and video games.

Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse

Facts about Fantasia 8: the sequel of Fantasia

In 2000, the sequel of Fantasia was released in the market. In 1999, Roy E. Disney became the co-producer of the sequel. He is the nephew of Walt Disney.

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Facts about Fantasia 9: the early and latter criticism

The early criticism of Fantasia was favorable among the critics.  The latter criticism according Rotten Tomatoes was fresh with 96 percent rating.


Facts about Fantasia 10: National Board of Review Awards

National Board of Review Awards placed Fantasia at the fifth place in 1940 in the list of Top Ten Films.

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