10 Facts about Family Matters

The American sitcom is very popular among audiences due to the comedic scenes. Besides Family Guy, the audiences also like to watch Family Matters. On 22nd September 1989 until 9th May 1997, Family Matters was aired on ABC. Then the show was moved to CBS. It was broadcasted from 19th September 1997 until 17th July 1998. The Winslow family is the primary character, which became the central story of Family Matters. They are the African American family who settled in Chicago, Illinois. They only have the middle way of living. Here are facts about Family Matters:

Facts about Family Matters 1: Steve Urkel

Steve Urkel is portrayed by Jaleel White. He was the nerdy neighbor of Winslow’s family. Due to his popularity, Urkel became the primary character in the show.

Family Matters

Family Matters

Facts about Family Matters 2: the season

Family Matters is aired for 9 seasons. The African American cast is mostly found in the show. It has 215 episodes.

Facts about Family Matters 3: Carl Winslow

Carl Winslow is the main character in Family Matters. He is a police officer. His wife is Harriette. The couple has a younger daughter named Judy, elder daughter Laura and son Eddie.

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Facts about Family Matters 4: “The Mama Who Came to Dinner,”

“The Mama Who Came to Dinner” is the pilot episode of Family Matters. Mother Winslow or Estelle is the streetwise mother who came to the house of Winslow. She was portrayed by Rosetta LeNoire.

Family Matters Image

Family Matters Image

Facts about Family Matters 5: before the beginning of the series

Rachel Crawford is the sister of Harriette and Richie, the infant son of Crawford stayed with Winslow Family after the husband of Rachel died.

Facts about Family Matters 6: the introduction of Steve Urkel

Steve Urkel is a character introduced in “Laura’s First Date” episode. Then this character was central in the series.

Facts about Family Matters 7: the production

Bickley-Warren Productions and Miller-Boyett Productions collaborated to produce Family Matters.  From 1989 until 1993, Lorimar Television worked together with the productions. In 1993 until 1998, Warner Bros Television replaced Lorimar Television.

Family Matters Facts

Family Matters Facts

Facts about Family Matters 8: the deal

CBS had to pay $40 million to get the right to broadcast Family Matters and Step by Step from ABC in the beginning of 1997.

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Facts about Family Matters 9: the poor rating

Family Matters and Step By Step were not aired anymore after the first aired season in CBS had poor rating.

Facts about Family Matters

Facts about Family Matters

Facts about Family Matters 10: DVD release

The first four seasons of Family Matters were released by Warner Home Video.

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