10 Facts about Finding Nemo

Facts about Finding Nemo tell the readers about an animated movie. Walt Disney Pictures released the movie, while it was produced by Pixar Animation. This adventure movie was launched in the market in 2003. Andrew Stanton served as the director and writer. Lee Unkrich played a co-direction part.  The stars that provided the voices in the movie included Willem Dafoe, Alexander Gould, Ellen DeGeneres and Albert Brooks.  Let us get other interesting facts about Finding Nemo by reading the following post below:

Facts about Finding Nemo 1: the story

Have you watched Finding Nemo before? The adventurous story is centered on how Marlin tries to find his abducted son, Nemo. Dory is a blue tang who helps Marlin to reach Sydney Harbour where Nemo is abducted.

Finding Nemo Facts

Finding Nemo Facts

Facts about Finding Nemo 2: release

On 30 May 2003, Finding Nemo was released in the market. It was commercially and critically successful movie.

Facts about Finding Nemo 3: Academy Award

Finding Nemo was awarded with Best Animated Feature during the Academy Award. Actually, the movie also earned other three nominations.

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Finding Nemo Clown Fish

Finding Nemo Clown Fish

Facts about Finding Nemo 4: the commercial movie

Finding Nemo was a commercial movie. It grossed $871 million globally, which made the movie as the highest-grossing animated film.

Facts about Finding Nemo 5: DVD

Finding Nemo is also released in the form of DVD. As of 2006, the DVD sales of Finding Nemo reached more than 40 million copies. In 2012, Finding Nemo was re-launched in 3D version. The sequel is also released in the market on 17th June 2016 in US. It was titled Finding Dory.

Facts about Finding Nemo 6: the inspiration

Multiple experiences set up the inspiration to film Finding Nemo. When Stanton was a child, he was interested to see the dentist due to the presence of fish tank. He assumed that the fish would like to go to the sea again.

Facts about Finding Nemo 7: clownfish

Stanton believed that clownfish would be a perfect character to spot in an animated movie. Moreover, it suited the story.

Facts about Finding Nemo

Facts about Finding Nemo

Facts about Finding Nemo 8: video game

Finding Nemo is also available in a video game. It was released in 2003 in various platforms such as Game Boy Advance, GameCube, PS2, Xbox and PC.

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Facts about Finding Nemo 9: reception

The approval rating of Finding Nemo is 99 percent according to Rotten Tomatoes.



Facts about Finding Nemo 10: negative impact

The negative impact of Finding Nemo was spotted on the increase demand of clownfish as an aquarium pet.

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