10 Facts about Faraday

When you learn about electrochemistry and electromagnetism, you will have to learn the works of Michael Faraday. He was born on September 22nd, 1791 and died on August 25th, 1867. This English scientist took the credit for his works on the electrolysis, diamagnetism and eletromagnetic induction for he laid the basic principles on them. He was an influential scientist in the world despite his lack of formal education. Let us find out more facts about Faraday by reading the complete explanation below:

Facts about Faraday 1: the contribution of Faraday

Faraday contributed to the field of physics by discovering the fundamental principle related to the electromagnetic field concept.



Facts about Faraday 2: the relationship of magnetism and rays of lights

Do you know that magnetism and rays of light are related to each other? Faraday had explained the two in his works.

Facts about Faraday 3: benzene

Have you ever heard about benzene? Do you know that Faraday took the credit for the discovery of benzene in chemistry?

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Facts about Faraday 4: the terms

Some terms such as ion, electrode, cathode and anode were popularized by Faraday. His invention in the world of chemistry also includes the oxidation numbers and the early design of Bunsen burner.

Facts about Faraday 5: a lifetime position

Faraday earned a lifetime position at the Royal Institution of Great Britain as the Fullerian Professor of Chemistry.

Facts about Faraday 6: Albert Einstein

It seems that Albert Einstein is a fan of Faraday. In his study wall, Einstein had a picture of Faraday, James Clerk Maxwell and Isaac Newton.

Facts about Faraday 7: Humphry Davy

Do you know that Faraday served as the assistant of Humphry Davy during his early life as a chemist?

Faraday Facts

Faraday Facts

Facts about Faraday 8: Bunsen burner

The earlier form of Bunsen burner had been developed by Faraday. It was used to generate heat during the chemistry works in the laboratories.

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Facts about Faraday 9: the best known works of Faraday

The best-known works of Faraday are related to magnetism and electricity. He also demonstrated induction in one of his experiments in 1831.

Facts about Faraday

Facts about Faraday

Facts about Faraday 10: Royal Institution of Great Britain

Royal Institution of Great Britain and Faraday established great professional relationship. In 1821, he earned the title as the Assistant Superintendent of the House of the Royal Institution. In 1824, Faraday was appointed as the member of Royal Society. Before he was appointed as the First Fullerian Professor of Chemistry, he earned the title as Director of the Laboratory of the Royal Institution.

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