10 Fun Facts about about French Lick, Indiana

French Lick is a charming resort town known for its rich history, scenic beauty, and therapeutic mineral springs. The town gained prominence in the 19th century when its mineral springs attracted visitors seeking the reputed healing properties of the waters. French Lick’s historic past is reflected in its elegant architecture, including the iconic French Lick Springs Hotel and the West Baden Springs Hotel. These grand resorts, both designated as National Historic Landmarks, showcase exquisite design and have hosted notable guests throughout the years.

Apart from its spa and wellness offerings, French Lick is renowned for its vibrant casino scene. The French Lick Resort Casino, housed within the French Lick Springs Hotel, provides a unique blend of historic ambiance and modern entertainment. Visitors can try their luck at the gaming tables, enjoy live entertainment, and savor culinary delights in the resort’s restaurants. The casino contributes to French Lick’s allure as a destination that seamlessly blends relaxation with excitement.

Surrounded by the Hoosier National Forest, French Lick offers outdoor enthusiasts a playground of natural wonders. Scenic trails, golf courses, and opportunities for horseback riding attract those seeking adventure amid the lush landscapes. Whether indulging in the town’s historic charm, trying their luck at the casino, or exploring the beauty of the surrounding wilderness, visitors to French Lick find themselves immersed in a delightful blend of relaxation and recreation.

French Lick Springs Hotel
French Lick Springs Hotel

Do you want to know more about French Lick, Indiana? Let’s take a look at these 10 fun facts about French Lick, Indiana.

  1. Mineral Springs Legacy: French Lick gained fame in the 19th century for its mineral springs, believed to have therapeutic properties. Visitors flocked to the area to experience the healing effects of the springs, contributing to the town’s early reputation as a wellness destination.
  2. Historic Resorts: French Lick is home to two historic resorts, the French Lick Springs Hotel and the West Baden Springs Hotel. Both hotels are architectural marvels and have hosted famous guests, including political figures and celebrities, throughout their storied histories.
  3. Pluto Water: Pluto Water, a brand of mineral water bottled in French Lick, became famous for its purgative properties. The water was marketed as a health tonic and laxative, attracting visitors seeking the alleged health benefits of its unique composition.
  4. Larry Bird: The legendary basketball player Larry Bird, known for his career with the Boston Celtics, spent part of his childhood in French Lick. The small town played a significant role in shaping Bird’s early life and love for the game.
  5. Historic French Lick Scenic Railway: Visitors can take a journey back in time aboard the Historic French Lick Scenic Railway. The vintage train offers picturesque rides through the Hoosier National Forest, showcasing the region’s natural beauty.
  6. French Lick Winery: Wine enthusiasts can explore the French Lick Winery, which produces a variety of wines, including those made from locally grown fruits. The winery offers tastings, tours, and a charming setting to enjoy Indiana’s wine culture.
  7. French Lick Casino: The French Lick Resort Casino adds a touch of excitement to the town. Housed within the French Lick Springs Hotel, the casino features a range of gaming options, entertainment, and dining experiences.
  8. Big Splash Adventure: Families looking for water fun can visit Big Splash Adventure, an indoor water park in French Lick. The park offers water slides, pools, and interactive play areas, providing a year-round aquatic escape.
  9. Springs Valley High School Dome: French Lick is home to Springs Valley High School, known for its unique geodesic dome structure. The dome, constructed in the 1970s, adds a distinctive architectural element to the town’s landscape.
  10. Home of the Pluto Water Gusher: French Lick commemorates its history with the Pluto Water Gusher, a water fountain that replicates the gushing flow of Pluto Water. It serves as a nostalgic reminder of the town’s early reputation as a spa destination.

French Lick, Indiana, with its quaint charm and storied past, stands as a captivating destination that seamlessly marries history, wellness, and modern entertainment. From the opulent architecture of the French Lick Springs Hotel and West Baden Springs Hotel to the mineral springs that once drew seekers of health and vitality, the town carries a sense of timeless elegance. Whether exploring the scenic landscapes aboard the Historic French Lick Scenic Railway or testing one’s luck at the French Lick Resort Casino, visitors find a blend of relaxation and excitement. French Lick’s unique character, enriched by its historic resorts, mineral water legacy, and cultural attractions, makes it a haven for those seeking a retreat into the heart of Indiana’s enchanting history and natural beauty.