10 Facts about Filey

Facts about Filey talk about a small town and civil parish located in North Yorkshire. In the past, Filey was recognized as a fishing village. Today, people know it as an impressive tourist resort. Moreover, it also has incredible beach. In 2001, Filey was a home for 6,819 people according to the UK census. Then it was inhabited by 5,981 people according to the UK census in 2011. Let us get other interesting facts about Filey below:

Facts about Filey 1: the location of Filey

The location of Filey is at the eastern part of a long-distance footpath called Cleveland Way. During the Great Yorkshire Bike Ride, the town is considered as the final point to reach.

Facts about Filey

Facts about Filey

Facts about Filey 2: the railway station

The railway station of Filey is situated on Yorkshire Coast Line.  The southern part of Filey features the second station located at Filey Holiday Camp.

Facts about Filey 3:re-development

Re-development took place in the camp. The Bay Filey features the development of 600 homes for holiday housing.  In 2007, the first homes had been built in the camp.

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Filey Arm

Filey Arm

Facts about Filey 4: the primary problem in 2007

The primary problem faced by the people who lived in Filey in 2007 was the flash floods.

Facts about Filey 5: the important building

Filey is a home to a Grade I listed building located at the north part of Filey. It is the parish church constructed in 12th century. The church was established to honor St Oswald.

Facts about Filey 6: the oldest building

The oldest building in Filey is that parish church for it was built in 12th century. One of the famous persons who praised the building was Nicholas Pevsner.

Facts about Filey 7: a small village

Until the 18th century, people recognized Filey as a small village. Filey offered the people from Scarborough with quiet and peaceful space.

Filey Church

Filey Church

Facts about Filey 8: John Wilkes Unett

John Wilkes Unett was the solicitor from Birmingham who purchased an area of 28,000 metres square or 7 acres in Filey in 1835.  He established the Crescent. In 1850s, Royal Crescent was opened.

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Facts about Filey 9: Frederick Delius

One of the notable people who had lived in Filey was Frederick Delius.  In 1876 and 1877, he lived at the boarding house no.24 at Miss Hurd’s on the Crescent. Delius was a famous English composer.



Facts about Filey 10: the economy

The economy of Filey relied on the Filey Holiday Camp for more than 40 years.

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