10 Facts about Feltham

The suburban town is explained on Facts about Feltham. It is located in west London, England in Hounslow. From Heathrow Airport, it is located 3.2 kilometres or 2 miles apart. From central London, Feltham is situated 21.7 kilometer apart. Until 20th century, market gardening was considered as the main source of economy in town. Have you ever heard about the Feltham First? It is a popular variety of pea planted for the first time in town.

Facts about Feltham 1: the declined of market gardens

Since 1930s, gravel and aggregate extraction, light industry and housing have been the primary sources of economy, which replace the market gardening.

Facts about Feltham

Facts about Feltham

Facts about Feltham 2: transportation

When we talk about the air and land transport, Feltham is always linked with both for more 100 years.

Facts about Feltham 3: Leisure West entertainment complex

Restaurants, bowling alley and cinema are housed in Leisure West entertainment complex.

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Feltham Map

Feltham Map

Facts about Feltham 4: Feltham tramcar

In the past, the town manufactured Feltham tramcar. It had been operated in many municipalities. However, it never ran on the track of Feltham.

Facts about Feltham 5: the source of economy during the war years

During the period of war, the aircraft manufacturing was a significant industry in Feltham. During the Second World War, German included Feltham, as their target of bombing for it was the home for the second largest railway marshalling yard.

Facts about Feltham 6:  Aston Martin

In 1926 until 1963, the major factory of Aston Martin was housed in Feltham. Aston Martin was known as one of the most notable motorcar manufacturers in the world.

Facts about Feltham 7: Minimax Limited

Minimax Limited manufactured fire extinguishers based in Feltham since 1911. In 1980s, the company was closed. Today, Heathrow Airport is the largest local employer in town. Logistics is the major businesses in Feltham. The town features the head office of Menzies Aviation.



Facts about Feltham 8: the green open space

If you are in Feltham and want to enjoy the green open space, you can come to the London Air Park at Hanworth. It is a good place for the people who want to do public sport. The green trees are located around the park with well-trimmed grasses.

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Facts about Feltham 9: the public venues

In 1965, Feltham Assembly Hall was opened in Feltham Park. It is recognized as one of the public venues.

Feltham Pictures

Feltham Pictures

Facts about Feltham 10: the ethnic groups

The White British accounted for 51.4 percent of the total population in Feltham in 2011.  It was followed by Other White, Asian and Black.

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