10 Facts about Felixstowe

The civil parish located in the middle of River Deben and River Orwell is elaborated on Facts about Felixstowe.  It is also known as an Edwardian seaside town. The parish is a home for 23,689 people according to a census in 2011.  The largest container port in UK is located in Felixstowe. It is called Port of Felixstowe. Felixstowe is located side by side with Walton.   The proximity of Walton and Felixstowe is often spotted by the people as an extension. Here are other interesting facts about Felixstowe to notice:

Facts about Felixstowe 1: Old Felixstowe

The term Old Felixstowe refers to the area located nearby Deben River. It is characterized by the quiet condition.

Facts about Felixstowe

Facts about Felixstowe

Facts about Felixstowe 2: the amazing point of interest

Felixstowe is a home to a number of points of interest. One of them is Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club for those who want to play golf. It has been built in 1881.

Facts about Felixstowe 3: a scheduled ancient monument

Felixstowe also has a scheduled ancient monument. You just have to visit Landguard Fort.

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Felixstowe Facts

Felixstowe Facts

Facts about Felixstowe 4: beaches

Felixstowe is also notable with its amazing beaches. The sandy beach south of the pier has been refurbished.

Facts about Felixstowe 5: the amazing beach

The beach in Felixstowe is impressive. You will spot traditional beach huts along the shores.  A Victorian promenade is also found here.

Facts about Felixstowe 6: the pier

A leisure center in Flexistowe is located on the pier where you can find an amusement arcade and a cafe. The local council has a swimming pool in the pier.

Facts about Felixstowe 7: the history of Cobbolds Point

In 1885, Cranmer House was built by Cobbold brewery family on Maybush Lane. Cobbolds Point is named after the family.

Felixstowe Map

Felixstowe Map

Facts about Felixstowe 8: Thomas W Cotman

Thomas W Cotman was a famous architect who had established and designed a number of buildings in Felixstowe. They include the Orwell and Bath Hotels, Harvest House or Felix Hotel, and Railway Station.

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Facts about Felixstowe 9: Art Deco style

If you are in Felixstowe, you will be impressed with the art deco styled architecture in the town. Undercliff Road West and Cavendish Hotel in Sea Road represented the style.



Facts about Felixstowe 10: sport

In 1930, Felixstowe Rugby Union Football Club was established. The Eastern Premier League is represented by the men’s first team play of Felixstowe.

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