10 Facts about Farnham

Check Facts about Farnham if you want to know the town located in Surrey, England. Waverley is the largest town in Farnham. The town features several Georgian houses located at the historic interest. The town is overlooked by the Farnham Castle. The Mother Ludlam’s Cave, Moor Park House and Waverley Abbey are found at the southeast of town center.

Facts about Farnham 1: climate

The climate of Farnham is temperate maritime. It has the breezy and moderate rainfall. The town is free from extreme temperature.

Facts about Farnham

Facts about Farnham

Facts about Farnham 2: Alice Holt Lodge

Alice Holt Lodge is the official weather station located near Farnham.  It is 3.5 miles apart from the town center.

Facts about Farnham 3: the highest temperature

In July 2006, Farnham has the highest temperature at 95.7 degrees F or 35.4 degrees C. The lowest temperature was recorded in February 1986 at 7.0 degrees F or -14.0 C.

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Farnham Image

Farnham Image

Facts about Farnham 4: the attractive houses

If you visit Farnham, you will love to check the different types of houses dated back from a number of periods.

Facts about Farnham 5: the hidden parts

Farnham features the hidden gardens, historic cottages and old workshops. The Normans constructed Farnham Castle

Facts about Farnham 6: creative arts

Creative arts are flourished in Farnham. In 1866, Farnham School of Art was opened in the town. The Arts and Crafts movement also took place here.

Facts about Farnham 7: Lewen Tugwell

Lewen Tugwell is a famous sculptor. He took the credit for inventing the unique craft production using Shattaline in 1960s.

Farnham Pic

Farnham Pic

Facts about Farnham 8: the art galleries

If you are interested with art in the town, you can visit some art galleries such as the gallery at Farnham Maltings and the New Ashgate Gallery in Lower Church Lane.

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Facts about Farnham 9: entertainment

If you are interested to watch the acoustic music gigs, folk and opera, why don’t you visit Farnham Maltings? The younger audiences can enjoy the workshop, shows and standup comedy here. “Acoustic Fridays” is performed per month. If you want to watch the regular live music, you may visit the pubs in town.

Farnham Facts

Farnham Facts

Facts about Farnham 10: Castle Street

Castle Street is also a center for visitors. The stage performance of a band on the street is spotted here. Thus, the street is closed when the evening comes. The street is also occupied by sideshows, barbeque and beer tents.

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