10 Facts about Fareham

A city located between Portsmouth and Southampton is explained on facts about Fareham. In the past, the city was famous due to its strawberries and brick manufacturing. Today, the economy of Fareham is mainly focused on the defense, small-scale manufacturing, and retail. It is a home of Fareham Shopping Centre. The notable venue is Fareham Hall, which accommodates around 700 people. A number of events have been held here such as conventions, pantomimes, comedy, theater shows and live music. It was opened in 1982.

Facts about Fareham 1: Ashcroft Arts Centre

If you are in Fareham, do not forget to visit Ashcroft Arts Centre.  This theater has 150 seats which also contains a fully licensed bar, a dance studio and a gallery. The programs include workshops, comedy, theatre, and films.

Facts about Fareham

Facts about Fareham

Facts about Fareham 2: Wickham Festival

Wickham Festival is an annual celebration hosted in the village of Wickham located 3 miles from Fareham.

Facts about Fareham 3: the sport clubs

Fareham has various sport clubs. Fareham Town F.C. is the non-league football club of the city.  Other clubs are Fareham Heathens, and Fareham and Crofton. The latter one is a cricket club playing at Bath Lane. The former is a Rugby Union club.

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Facts about Fareham 4: transportation

Fareham has great transportation. The railway and road networks are available. The visitors can access the nearby cities like Southampton and Portsmouth easily via Fareham.

Facts about Fareham 5: the number of cars

The number of cars for the citizens of Fareham reached 538.7 cars as of July 2014 according to the Office for National Statistics. Thus, the city earned the title as the most car-dependant town in United Kingdom.

Facts about Fareham 6: the railway station

The West Coastway Line houses Fareham railway station, which serves the passengers to London, Cardiff, Portsmouth, Brighton and Southampton.

Facts about Fareham 7: point of interest

If you are a tourist, Fareham provides a number of points of interest. Visit Fort Fareham, Portchester Castle, Fareham High Street with its amazing Georgian architecture, Bursledon Brickworks, Fareham Shopping Centre, Westbury Manor Museum and Titchfield Canal.

Fareham Pictures

Fareham Pictures

Facts about Fareham 8: Titchfield Canal

Titchfield Canal is important in the history of Fareham.  This waterway was man-made.

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Facts about Fareham 9: That’s Solent

That’s Solent is the local TV station in Fareham. Wave 105 on 105.2FM is the local commercial radio station.

Fareham Facts

Fareham Facts

Facts about Fareham 10: the newspapers

There are two local daily newspapers in Fareham. Both are Portsmouth News and Southern Daily Echo.

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