Top 10 Facts about Facebook

When people say Menlo Park, they always think about the infamous Facebook. This American company is focused on the online social media and social networking service. Mark Zuckerberg launched the website on 4th February 2004 along with his roommates and students from Harvard. They are Chris Hughes, Andrew McCollum, Eduardo Saverin and Dustin Moskovitz. At first, only Harvard students were capable of becoming the members of Facebook. Then the founders decided to expand the membership of Facebook to Stanford University, Ivy League schools and Boston Area. Check other facts about Facebook below for more information:

Facts about Facebook 1: the gradual support

The students from different universities and high schools students were allowed to join Facebook after the website added its support for them.

Facebook Mark

Facebook Mark

Facts about Facebook 2: the registered Facebook users

You can be a Facebook user if your age is at least 13 or older. The local laws will be applied to determine the minimum age requirement to become a Facebook user.

Facts about Facebook 3: the name of website

The name of the websites Facebook was taken from face book directories for university students.

Facts about Facebook

Facts about Facebook

Facts about Facebook 4: how to access Facebook

Make sure that you have mobile networks or internet on the smartphones, table computers, laptops and desktops to access Facebook.

Facts about Facebook 5: a user profile

If it is the first time for you to access Facebook, you need to create a user profile where you have to write down your name, school, and occupation.

Facts about Facebook 6: the interesting features

People like to use Facebook for they can exchange messages, find friends, post digital photos, update status and many more.

Facts about Facebook 7: the common-interest user group

The users are allowed to join the common interest user group divided according to the hobbies, school, or workplace. It offers the users with many features. The users are allowed to block annoying people from their Facebook.  The friends on the list can be categorized too. For instance, you can have the list of Close Friends and People from Work.

Facebook Logo

Facebook Logo

Facts about Facebook 8: the revenue

Most revenue of Facebook is taken from the onscreen ads.

Facts about Facebook 9: the IPO

In February 2012, the IPO or initial public offering of Facebook, Inc was conducted. The top market capitalization of Facebook reached $104 billion.

Facebook Facts

Facebook Facts

Facts about Facebook 10: the active users

As of 31st December 2016, Facebook has 1.86 billion monthly active users.

As of 2012, Mark Zuckerberg had 28 percent of ownership on Facebook. Then it was followed by Accel Partners with 10 percent, Dustin Moskovitz with 6 percent, Eduardo Saverin with 5 percent and others. Are you impressed after reading facts about Facebook?