10 Facts about the First Computer

Let us find out the history of computer on facts about the first computer. It is a device used to perform logical and arithmetic operations. You just have to enter the instructions to make the device execute the operation. Programs are installed in the computer, which allow the computer to perform various kinds of tasks. The computers for the consumers and industries are different. The latter one usually is more complicated.

Facts about the First Computer 1: the industrial computers

The industrial computers feature a specific design to meet the need to the industry. For instance, it may feature the computer-assisted design, industrial robot, remote controls and microwave ovens.

the First Computer Facts

the First Computer Facts

Facts about the First Computer 2: the general purposed device

Smartphone and personal computers are the general-purpose device, which also employ computer. It is often connected with internet so that people can access various WebPages.

Facts about the First Computer 3: abacus

Abacus was considered as the earliest form of computer. When people want to do calculation, they can use abacus. This simple manual device had been employed since the ancient period.

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the First Computer History

the First Computer History

Facts about the First Computer 4: industrial revolution

The long and tedious tasks were hard to handle during the industrial revolutions. Therefore, the people at that time tried to make the tasks easy to do by inventing the mechanical devices.

Facts about the First Computer 5: analog calculation

In the beginning of 20th century, the device for analog calculation was developed. It featured the sophisticated electrical machine.

Facts about the First Computer 6: the Second World War

The Second World War marked the development of the first digital electronic calculating machine. Since the period, the scientists were capable to enhance the flexibility, power, speed and features of computers.

Facts about the First Computer 7: modern computer

The modern computer is very different from the first computer. The latter one was created in simple design. It was mostly focused on computing or calculating. On the other hand, the first computer has higher features. It can execute various tasks simultaneously. Most of them contain at least one processing unit. The memory is also available to save the data.  The processing unit has a very important function for it will deal with the logical and arithmetic operation.

the First Computer

the First Computer

Facts about the First Computer 8: the earliest form of counting device

Do you know a tally stick was considered as earliest form of counting device? It had been used to compute for thousands of years ago.

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Facts about the First Computer 9: calculi

Another earliest form of computer was calculi used to count grains and livestock in Fertile Crescent.

Facts about the First Computer

Facts about the First Computer

Facts about the First Computer 10: the abacus

The abacus was a popular type of computer in the past. The oldest analog computer in the world was traced back around 150 BC to 100 BC. It was the Antikythera mechanism designed in ancient Greece.

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