10 Facts about Flickr

You will get the information about an image and video hosting website on Facts about Flickr. Have you accessed Flickr before?  In 2004, Ludicorp created the website. On 20 March 2005, Yahoo decided to acquire Flickr. This website is very popular among the internet users. You can share personal photos here.  Bloggers and photo researchers also like to use the service. Let us get other details about Flickr below:

Facts about Flickr 1: the registered members

The total registered members of Flickr were 87 million members as it was reported by The Verge in March 2013.

Flickr Edit

Flickr Edit

Facts about Flickr 2: the new images

Every single day, Flickr receives at least 3.5 million new images.

Facts about Flickr 3: the image hosting

As I have stated before, Flickr is an image-hosting website. The report found out that more than 6 billion images were hosted in Flickr in August 2011.

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Flickr Facts

Flickr Facts

Facts about Flickr 4: how to access the videos and photos

You do not need an account on Flickr to access the videos or images. However, you need to be a registered member by having an account on Flickr to upload videos or images.

Facts about Flickr 5: the benefits of having an account

You can enjoy benefits by having an account on Flickr. It allows you to make a profile page where you can upload videos and photos. You can also enlist contact by adding other users of Flickr. It makes you stay connected with other users.

Facts about Flickr 6: mobile users

Flickr is accessible through PC and mobile phones.   PlayStation Vita, Android, and iOS are some official mobile applications for Flickr.

Facts about Flickr 7: Ludicorp

Ludicorp launched the website in February 2004. Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake were the founders of the company based in Vancouver.



Facts about Flickr 8: the earlier version

FlickrLive was the primary focus of the earlier version of Flickr. It was a chat room, which offered the users with impressive capability for real-time photo exchange.

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Facts about Flickr 9: acquisition

In March 2005, Ludicorp and Flickr were acquired by Yahoo with the estimated price of $22 to $25 million. All content was moved into the servers in US from Canada from June 26th until July 2nd, 2005.



Facts about Flickr 10: migrating to Flickr

After the acquisition, Flickr was used for hosting images by deleting Yahoo Photos on September 20th, 2007.

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