10 Facts about Flashlights

Facts about Flashlights talk about a portable hand-held electric device. The term flashlight is often used in North America. The people who live outside the region often call it a torch.  The LED or light emitting diode or an incandescent light bulb is considered as the common source of the light in the device.  There are various elements of flashlight. If you are curious, you have to check the following post below:

Facts about Flashlights 1: the elements of flashlights

The elements of flashlights include a switch, a battery, a reflector, a transparent cover, and a light bulb.

Flashlight Facts

Flashlight Facts

Facts about Flashlights 2: the first flashlight

In 1899, the first flashlight was invented. It was powered by a battery due to the invention of miniature incandescent light bulb and dry cell.

Facts about Flashlights 3: the modern flashlight

The modern flashlights are powered by the rechargeable batteries or disposable batteries. The lamp used to produce the light is the light-emitting diodes or incandescent lamps.

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Facts about Flashlights 4: other power sources

Due to the development of technologies, flashlights are powered using other sources. For instance, you can recharge the battery by using solar panels, by shaking the lamps or turning a crank.

Facts about Flashlights 5: the forms of flashlight

The forms of flashlights today are varied. They are made according to the users. The campers and miners do not have to hold their flashlights with their hands for they can be mounted on the helmet. It is also common to spot people using flashlights in the flammable atmosphere or underwater.

Facts about Flashlights 6: the main function

Do you know the main function of flashlight?  In a dark place, you will need flashlight as a light source.

Facts about Flashlights 7: the dry cell battery

In 1887, the invention of the first dry cell battery took place. This battery was important for the development of flashlight for it allows the portable electrical device to be powered using the batteries.

Facts about Flashlights

Facts about Flashlights

Facts about Flashlights 8: the mass production

In 1896, the dry cell batteries were mass-produced in the factories, which also led into the invention of portable electric lights.

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Facts about Flashlights 9: the benefits of flashlight

The flashlights are very popular compared to the traditional devices like lanterns, candles and torches due to the safety over combustion and convenience.

Facts about Flashlights

Facts about Flashlights

Facts about Flashlights 10: the combustion-powered lighting

The combustion powered lighting produces more heat, smoke and odor than the flashlights. Moreover, you can decrease the fire risk since you can turn it on and off.

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