10 Facts about Fiberglass

Let us find out the ideas about a fiber-reinforced plastic on Facts about Fiberglass. The glass fiber comes in a number of options. It can be woven, flattened or even arranged. Fiberglass is a preferable material because of its lightweight and amazing strength. The type of fiberglass employed depends on the function of fiberglass. Let us find out other interesting details about fiberglass.

Facts about Fiberglass 1: the component of fiberglasses

Fiberglasses may contain various components. Silica or silicate is the major component of fiberglass. It also contains boron, magnesium and calcium.

Facts about Fiberglass

Facts about Fiberglass

Facts about Fiberglass 2: defects

The defect of glass fiber should be in a very low level of defect to make it enlisted as a fiberglass.

Facts about Fiberglass 3: the characteristics

Can you mention the characteristics of fiberglass? This material is lightweight, yet strong.  The application of fiberglass is found in many products.

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Fiberglass Dome

Fiberglass Dome

Facts about Fiberglass 4: the comparison with carbon fiber

Fiberglass is often compared with carbon fiber. The latter one is stiffer and stronger. However, fiberglass is more affordable and less brittle.

Facts about Fiberglass 5: shapes

Compared to other metals, fiberglass has impressive weight and strength. Moreover, it has great felicity so that the people can mold it into many forms.

Facts about Fiberglass 6: the applications of fiberglass

Fiberglass is applied in many products. They include bathtubs, cars, boats, kayaks, aircraft, casts, water tanks, septic tanks, hot tubs, swimming pools, external door skins, and surfboards.

Facts about Fiberglass 7: other names

Fiberglass is often called in other names such as GFRP and GRP. The former one stands for glass-fiber reinforced plastic, while the latter one is glass-reinforced plastic.

Fiberglass Facts

Fiberglass Facts

Facts about Fiberglass 8: the manufacturing process

Pultrusion is the process of manufacturing fiberglass. A chemical solution will be used to coat the filaments of glass fibers. Two measurement systems are used to decide the weight of filaments of fiberglass. Both are tex and yield.

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Facts about Fiberglass 9: CSM

Have you ever heard about CSM? It stands for chopped strand mat used for reinforcing fiberglass. A binder is used to hold the randomly laid glass fibers.

Fiberglass Process

Fiberglass Process

Facts about Fiberglass 10: types of fiberglass

E-glass is considered as the most prevalent type of fiberglass. The primary composition is alumino-borosilicate glass. A-glass is another type of fiberglass, which does not contain any boron oxide. Other types of fiberglass include D-glass, C-glass, and E-CR-glass.

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