10 Facts about Ferris Wheels

You get insights about a big wheel on Facts about Ferris Wheels. This nonbuilding structure has unique features. It features the components, which carry the passenger. Moreover, it also has a rotating upright wheel. Some people call it with different names like giant wheel and observation wheel. The components, which carry the passengers, are often called as pods, gondolas, capsules, cabins and passenger cars. The gravity will always make the component upright.

Facts about Ferris Wheels 1: the largest modern Ferris wheel

An independent rotation is spotted on a number of the largest modern Ferris wheels to keep the cars in upright position. It is conducted by having an electric motor.

Facts about Ferris Wheels

Facts about Ferris Wheels

Facts about Ferris Wheels 2:  the term

The Ferris wheel, which applies the electric motors, is often called as observation wheels. The capsules are used to call the cars.

Facts about Ferris Wheels 3: Ferris Jr

George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. was the designer and creator of the original ferries wheel. He constructed for 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago as a landmark.

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Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel

Facts about Ferris Wheels 4: the present-day usage of term

Today all structures with the prevalent type of such amusement ride in US are called Ferris wheel.

Facts about Ferris Wheels 5: the tallest Ferris wheel

High Roller was a Ferris wheel opened in March 2014 in Las Vegas, United States. It has the height of 550 feet or 167.6 metres, which makes the structure, takes the title as the current holder for the tallest Ferris wheel in the world.

Facts about Ferris Wheels 6: Somers’ wheel

Somers’ wheel was created by William Somers in 1892. The wooden wheels were made in 50 feet. It was installed in Coney Island, New York, Atlantic City of New Jersey and Asbury Park New Jersey.

Facts about Ferris Wheels 7: a lawsuit

Somers filed a lawsuit against Ferris Jr. for patent infringement. However, the case was dismissed because Ferris had applied different technology on his wheel.

Ferris Wheels Pictures

Ferris Wheels Pictures

Facts about Ferris Wheels 8: the original Ferris wheel

The original Ferris wheel is used to call the structure created by Ferris Jr. People often call it as the Chicago Wheel.

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Facts about Ferris Wheels 9: the height

The Chicago Wheel had the height of 246 feet or 80.4 metres. During the event, it was the largest attraction.

Ferris Wheels

Ferris Wheels

Facts about Ferris Wheels 10: who was Ferris?

Ferris was a bridge-builder. He worked in the railroad industry before becoming a bridge builder.

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