10 Little Known Facts about Fenway Park

Get the interesting Facts about Fenway Park to know more about a baseball park in Boston. Boston Red Sox is based in Fenway Park since 1912. The baseball club is prominent in United States. It plays for MLB or Major League Baseball. Fenway Park takes the record as the oldest ballpark in the league. The expansion and renovation took place a number of times due to the constrained location and age. Let us find out other Fenway Park facts if you are curious.

Facts about Fenway Park 1: the seating capacity

The seating capacity of Fenway Park can only accommodate 40,000 audiences. Therefore, it is considered as the second smallest ballparks by the total capacity and fourth smallest ballpark by the seating capacity.

Facts about Fenway Park

Facts about Fenway Park

Facts about Fenway Park 2: the World Series

The World Series has been conducted at Fenway Park for 10 times. Five of them were won by Boston Red Sox.

Facts about Fenway Park 3: the function

Fenway Park is not only functioned for holding the baseball games. The professional football games, cultural and other sporting events have been conducted in the park.

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Fenway Park Facts

Fenway Park Facts

Facts about Fenway Park 4: the professional football games

Boston Patriots, Boston Yanks and Boston Redskins were the famous professional football clubs, which hold their games in Fenway Park.

Facts about Fenway Park 5: other function

It is not surprising to know that religious and political campaigns also take place in Fenway Park.

Facts about Fenway Park 6: the centennial celebration

The centennial celebration of Fenway Park took place on 20th April 2012. Fenway Park is included in the list of National Register of Historic Places on March 7th, 2012.

Facts about Fenway Park 7: a shrine

Fenway Park was called a shrine by Bill Lee. He was a former pitcher.

Fenway Park Pictures

Fenway Park Pictures

Facts about Fenway Park 8: the fame

Even though Fenway Park does not provide many seats for the spectators, it appears as one of the most notable sporting venues in the world.

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Facts about Fenway Park 9: the name

It was called Fenway because it is situated in Boston at Fenway neighborhood. John I. Taylor claimed the name for his purchased land in 1911.

Fenway Park

Fenway Park

Facts about Fenway Park 10: the design and layout

The layout of Fenway Park is in asymmetrical block just like other classic ballparks. The Charles Logue Building Company served as the general constructor.

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