10 Fun Facts about Fencing

One of the famous Olympic sports is fencing. This sport is not easy for those who have not learned it before. There will be two competitors in the game where the contact between both is only conducted through the rapier styled swords. The history of fencing was very old for it included as one of the few sports in the Olympics. You will get more facts about fencing by reading the following post:

Fun Facts about Fencing 1: the modern fencing

At latter part of 19th century, people began to develop the modern fencing. The traditional skill of swordsmanship is used as the base for fencing as a sport.

Facts about Fencing

Facts about Fencing

Fun Facts about Fencing 2: the forms of modern fencing

Modern fencing is divided in three forms. They are sabre, foil and épée. Each has unique styles and weapon style.

Fun Facts about Fencing 3: the weapon

The athlete of fencing usually is trained to use only one weapon as his or her specialization.

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Fencing Facts

Fencing Facts

Fun Facts about Fencing 4: modern Olympic Games

The Modern Olympic Games applied five sporting activities. Fencing is one of them. The others are gymnastics, swimming, cycling and athletics.

Fun Facts about Fencing 5: the governing body

Do you know the governing body of fencing? It is FIE or Fédération Internationale d’Escrime. Lausanne, Switzerland is the home of the head office of FIE.

Fun Facts about Fencing 6: the national federations

There are 145 national federations of FIE. Each of them will have their representatives to compete in the Olympic Games.

Fun Facts about Fencing 7: the current rules

The current rules have been maintained by FIE. The Olympic Games, world championship and world cups have applied the rules.  The standard of FIE rules is still adhered by the US Fencing Association though it may have different rules.

Fencing Image

Fencing Image

Fun Facts about Fencing 8: the roots of fencing

The root of fencing was traced back in the swordsmanship used for self-defense and duels. Spain is considered as the ancestor of modern fencing. Between 1458 and 1471, Diego de Valera wrote Treatise on Arms, which served as the manuals of western fencing.

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Fun Facts about Fencing 9: the spread of fencing

Fencing was spread into other parts of the world like Southern Italy because of Spanish Conquest.



Fun Facts about Fencing 10: as a sport

Fencing shifted from military activity to a sport in the mid-18th century.

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