10 Facts about Flexibility

Facts about Flexibility talk about the absolute range of movement. It is also called as limberness.  When people have greater flexibility, it is easy for them to bend motion or movement. The muscle length and multi-joint muscles of an individual determine the variety of flexibility.  Exercise is the best way that people can do to improve their flexibility.  The common exercise to do is stretching. Let us get other interesting facts about flexibility.

Facts about Flexibility 1: the quality of life

Do you know that by having greater flexibility, you can improve the quality of life? When you have greater flexibility, the range of motion in the joints will be maintained and enhanced.

Facts about Flexibility

Facts about Flexibility

Facts about Flexibility 2: the loss of flexibility

Some physical problems are waiting for those who lose flexibility. The problems include balance disorders and pain syndromes.

Facts about Flexibility 3: motions

Human beings have various ranges of motions affected by genetics, age and sex.

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Flexibility Facts

Flexibility Facts

Facts about Flexibility 4: how to improve flexibility

If you want to improve flexibility, you need to do yoga and stretching.

Facts about Flexibility 5: personal flexibility

If you want to enjoy greater personal flexibility, there are several factors to notice such as the tissue injury, skin, muscles, ligaments, joint structure, tendons, activity level, body temperature, fat tissue, sex, and age and body temperature.

Facts about Flexibility 6: measurement

If you are interested to know your personal flexibility score, you can have a sit and reach test. It has been used to calculate or measure the flexibility level of an individual body.

Facts about Flexibility 7: how to do stretching

Make sure that you have already known the way to do stretching. The body temperature should be increased first, while the muscles are warm. You need to hold the force when stretching for at least 10 seconds.

Flexibility Image

Flexibility Image

Facts about Flexibility 8: the benefits of greater flexibility

Greater flexibility offers the people with various benefits. The overall health will be improved. You can also enjoy longer life. It will be easier to do various daily activities. Moreover, you can maintain good posture.

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Facts about Flexibility 9: static active stretching

Holding the leg back, side and in front is an activity for static-active stretching. You can do a bouncing movement called ballistic stretching to prevent the lengthened tissues.



Facts about Flexibility 10: external factors

Flexibility is also affected by the external factors such as age of the performer, equipments, clothes, and weather.

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