10 Facts about Flag Football

You will be informed with a form of American football by reading Facts about Flag Football.  The sporting game shares similarities with the mainstream game in term of basic rules. The flag belt or flag on the ball carrier should be removed by the defensive team. Therefore, there is no need for the team to tackle players. That is why flag football and tackle football are different.

Facts about Flag Football 1: variations

Flag football is available in a number of variations. It may have a single gender player or coed players.  Each team may have four, five, six, seven, eight or nine players. The variation occurs because there is no dominant sporting organization in flag football.

Facts about Flag Football
Facts about Flag Football

Facts about Flag Football 2: linemen

Linemen are available in two options. Ineligible Linemen are not allowed to catch passes. On the other hand, the Eligible Linemen are allowed to do it.

Facts about Flag Football 3: contact and noncontact

Blocking is allowed or not depending on the rules applied on flag football.  It is restricted to the chest area if it is allowed. Thus, flag football is often separated between contact and noncontact one.

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Flag Football Facts
Flag Football Facts

Facts about Flag Football 4: competition

Competition of flag football is available in various levels of local, national and international competitions.

Facts about Flag Football 5:  types of competitions

The competition is divided in two types. It can be professional or amateur one. Various associations try to sponsor the flag football.

Facts about Flag Football 6: popularity

Flag football is popular in American states. The municipalities and cities try to organize the local competition of most adult flag football leagues.

Facts about Flag Football 7: a recreational sport

Flag football earns the status as a recreational football because it is common for the people to have a pickup game.

Flag Football
Flag Football

Facts about Flag Football 8:  the team

Around 600 teams participated in flag football competition during Memorial Day weekend in Roswell. The participants include male, female, young and old people. They are allowed to join the competitions.

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Facts about Flag Football 9: USFTL

USFTL stands for United States Flag and Touch Football League, which consists of several smaller organizations in United States. The flag football teams from Midwest, Northeast, and Mid Atlantic states are supported by the league.

Flag Football Pic
Flag Football Pic

Facts about Flag Football 10: XFLAGFOOTBALL

Around 15 leagues are spotted in XFLAGFOOTBALL, which spread in Hawaii and Southern California.

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