10 Facts about Fernando Torres

The famous Spanish professional footballer is elaborated on Facts about Fernando Torres. He was born on March 20th, 1984. His full name is Fernando José Torres Sanz. Now he plays for Liga club Atlético Madrid as a striker. The beginning of his professional career was also with Atlético Madrid. Torres was capable to move to the first team of the club from their youth club. Let me show you other interesting facts about Fernando Torres below:

Facts about Fernando Torres 1: the debut

In 2001, Torres had his debut in the team.  During the 174 La Liga appearances, he had scored 75 goals for the club.

Facts about Fernando Torres
Facts about Fernando Torres

Facts about Fernando Torres 2: before the debut

Torres created 7 goals from his 40 appearances for Atlético Madrid in Segunda Division before he was debuted in La Liga.

Facts about Fernando Torres 3: Liverpool

In 2007, he became a part of Liverpool and played for Premier League. The transfer fee from Atletico Madrid to Liverpool earned him a record.

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Fernando Torres Pic
Fernando Torres Pic

Facts about Fernando Torres 4: goals

Torres scored more than 20 league goals during his debut with Liverpool for the first season. He also took another record with Liverpool for he had scored 50 league goals. He is called as the fastest player in the club. There is no need to wonder that he earned the title from FIFA World XI in 2008 and 2009.

Facts about Fernando Torres 5: leaving Liverpool

In January 2011, he left Liverpool to become a part Chelsea. He signed a record free transfer for £50 million. At that time, he became the highest paid footballer in Spanish history.

Facts about Fernando Torres 6: the career with Chelsea

Torres also had a shining career with Chelsea for he earned FA Cup and the UEFA Champions League. However, people criticized him due to the lack of goals from Torres.

Facts about Fernando Torres 7: Chelsea’s victory

Torres contributed for the victory of Chelsea in the final for UEFA Europe League in 2012-2013 seasons.

Fernando Torres
Fernando Torres

Facts about Fernando Torres 8: an international debut

In 2003, he became an international player for Spain. He played against Portugal for international debut. Torres also takes the title as the third-highest goalscorer of all time in Spain.

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Facts about Fernando Torres 9: the birthplace

The birthplace of Torres was located in Fuenlabrada, Community of Madrid. When he was five years old, he joined Parque 84. It was his first team.

Fernando Torres 2001
Fernando Torres 2001

Facts about Fernando Torres 10: the childhood

During his childhood, Torres was accompanied by his mother to reach the training session because his father worked.

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