10 Facts about Falcao

Let me show you the prominent Colombian professional footballer on Facts about Falcao. He was born on February 10th, 1986. His full name is Radamel Falcao García Zárate. In the Colombia national team, he serves as the captain. Now, he played for Monaco as a striker. It is a French club. El Tigre is the nickname of Falcao. It means The Tiger in Spanish. The beginning of his career as a footballer was at Lanceros Boyaca. Then he was transferred to River Plate, an Argentinean club.

Facts about Falcao 1: FC Porto

Falcao became the player for FC Porto in 2009. It is a Portuguese club. He earned some victories like Primera Liga Double and Europe League.

Falcao Facts

Falcao Facts

Facts about Falcao 2: the international club competitions

During the international club competition, Falcao always became the top goal scorer in his club. During the games in Europe, he produced 17 goals.

Facts about Falcao 3: the Portuguese Golden Ball award

One of the best awards that Falcao earned is the Portuguese Golden Ball award.  He was the first Colombian who got it.

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Falcao Pic

Falcao Pic

Facts about Falcao 4: Atlético Madrid

He was traded for €40 million to play for Atletico Madrid in August 2011. In 2012, he led the club to reach the Europe League and Super Cup.

Facts about Falcao 5: Monaco

Falcao moved to Monaco in May 2013.  The transfer deal reached €60 million. Unfortunately, Falcao had to stay away from the green field a couple months following an ACL injury.

Facts about Falcao 6: on loan player

Falcao became an on loan player for Chelsea and Manchester United for the following two seasons.

Facts about Falcao 7: the senior debut

In 2007, Falcao had his senior debut as a footballer. During his career in football field, he had earned 25 goals and 60 caps.



Facts about Falcao 8: the national career

Falcao was a national player for Colombia during the Copa America in 2011 and 2015. During the Fifa World Cup in 2014, he did not participate.

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Facts about Falcao 9: the father of Falcao

Radamel Garcia is the father of Falcao. He is also a footballer. Thus, Falcao is considered as the second generation of football in the family. Once, his father played for Colombia and Venezuela as a defender.

Facts about Falcao

Facts about Falcao

Facts about Falcao 10: the personal life

Falcao’s wife is Lorelei Taron. She is a singer from Argentina. The couple is blessed with two daughters Dominique García Taron and Desirée García Taron.

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