Top 10 Facts about Feminism

Look at Facts about Feminism if you want to know the social and political movement for the benefits of women. The primary objective is to give women social, personal, economic, and political rights. The equality between men and women is needed in the professional and education life. The campaigns have been conducted over the course of history. The women wanted to have equal rights within marriage, the right to vote, get equal pay, and get education, work and possess property. Why don’t you read the complete details about feminism below?

Facts about Feminism 1: protection

Protection is also needed by the women in the world. They want to be protected from domestic violence, sexual harassment and rape.

Facts about Feminism

Facts about Feminism

Facts about Feminism 2: the changes of women’s rights

The changes of women’s rights are spotted over the course of the history due to the feminist campaigns. The women gain access to abortion and contraceptives. In English, women tried hard to get gender neutrality.

Facts about Feminism 3: feminist theory

The feminist movements are considered as the base of the development of feminist theory. The major issue is related to gender equality.

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Feminism 1912

Feminism 1912

Facts about Feminism 4: the forms of feminism

The development of feminism takes many forms. It can be seen from the campaigns, ideologies, objectives, viewpoints, and movements.

Facts about Feminism 5: criticism

In the past, a form of feminism only embraces the educated white women from middle class society.

Facts about Feminism 6: the multicultural forms of feminism

As a response to white feminism, the multicultural feminism occurred. The examples included the intersectional feminism and black feminism.

Facts about Feminism 7: the term feminism

The person who took the credit for coining the word feminism was a French philosopher and Utopian Socialist, Charles Fourier. He coined the word in 1837. In 1872, the term feminism was used in The Netherlands and France.

Feminism Simone Veil

Feminism Simone Veil

Facts about Feminism 8: the goal in 19th century

In 19th century, the feminist movement was focused to get the right to vote during its first wave of campaign.

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Facts about Feminism 9: the second wave

The second wave of feminist movement was related to the issues social and legal equality of women.

Feminism Facts

Feminism Facts

Facts about Feminism 10: promotion

The first wave feminism tried to promote equal parenting, marriage, contract and property rights for women. UK Custody of Infants Act 1839 was passed because of the feminist campaigns in United Kingdom. For the first time in the history, the right of custody was given for women.

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