10 Fun Facts about Fair Trade

Fun Facts about Fair Trade will explain about the social movement to achieve sustainable farming and increase better trading for the producers in developing countries. The members seek for improvement in the environmental and social standards. The fair trade is applied in a number of products exported to the developed countries from the developing countries such as coffee, handicrafts, fresh fruit, cocoa, sugar, chocolate, gold, flowers and wine. Let us find out other useful facts about fair trade below:

Fun Facts about Fair Trade 1: the equity

The movement of Fair Trade wants to promote the higher equity in the international trading system.

Facts about Fair Trade

Facts about Fair Trade

Fun Facts about Fair Trade 2: the better trading condition

By having the better trading condition, the marginalized workers and producers in developing countries will gain more benefits.

Fun Facts about Fair Trade 3: the core beliefs

There are three core beliefs in Fair Trade promoted in the developing countries. The first belief is related to the power of the producer to show their unity with the customers.

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Fair Trade Facts

Fair Trade Facts

Fun Facts about Fair Trade 4: the second focus

The second focus of Fair Trade is seen on the unequal distribution of wealth caused by the practices of world trade.

Fun Facts about Fair Trade 5: the third belief

The third belief is that purchasing the products at a fair price is the better way for improving the life of the producers in the developing countries than giving aid or charity.

Fun Facts about Fair Trade 6: the trading partnership

The respect, transparency and dialogue are promoted in the fair trading partnership. The consumers try to back up the fair trade organizations to improve the awareness and alter the traditional practice of international trade.

Fun Facts about Fair Trade 7: the fair trade certifiers

Eco-Social, Make Trade Fair, IMO, and Fair-trade International are some fair trade certifiers.

Fair Trade Images

Fair Trade Images

Fun Facts about Fair Trade 8: the popularity of fair trade in United Kingdom

In United Kingdom, fair trade movement is popular. There are at least 6,000 churches, 118 universities and 500 fair-trade towns, which support fair trade movement.

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Fun Facts about Fair Trade 9: Fair-trade International’s fair trade system

Fairtrade International’s fair trade system was supported in over 60 countries and participated by more than 1.2 million farmers and workers in 2011.

Fair Trade Products

Fair Trade Products

Fun Facts about Fair Trade 10: Fair-trade mark

Around six of 10 consumers choose the products, which have Fairtrade mark based on the report of Fairtrade International.

Even though fairtrade seems helpful and popular, a criticism about it occurs. The producer benefits were almost zero because of the cost of certification. Do you have any comment on facts about fair trade?