10 Facts about Famine

The life of people in the world is not always lucky. Some people have to live in the unfortunate condition with shortage of food. The scarcity of food may lead into famine. If you want to know more about this global condition which affects many areas in the world, check Facts about Famine. There are some causes of famine such as the government policies, population imbalance and crop failure. When famine occurs, the people experience starvation, malnutrition, increased number of death and epidemic.

Facts about Famine 1: the period of famine

The period of famine has been experienced by the people who live in all continents in the world over the course of history.

Facts about Famine

Facts about Famine

Facts about Famine 2: the extreme cases of famine

The sub-Saharan Africa has experienced the extreme cases of famine over the years. Many programs have been establishing the help the African people.

Facts about Famine 3: the causes of famine in Africa

The famine in Africa has higher rate due to the fluctuated condition in African agriculture and climate change.

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Famine Facts

Famine Facts

Facts about Famine 4: the measurement of famine

The term famine is not always applied when a certain region faces shortage food.  The measurement is related to the hunger, malnutrition and mortality rate.

Facts about Famine 5: the criteria of famine

The mortality rate should surpass two persons per 10,000 persons per day.  The rate for acute malnutrition should reach at least 30 percent. The extreme food shortage should be found in at least 20 percent of household in the region.

Facts about Famine 6: the factors

The climate condition, supply-side shifts and population growth are some factors will affect the intensity and frequency of famine.

Facts about Famine 7: the first elimination of famine

In 17th century, Holland and England were capable for eliminating famine for the first time. The countries applied the advanced techniques and agricultural commercialization to improve the crop production.

Famine in 1869

Famine in 1869

Facts about Famine 8: The Great Famine of 1845

Ireland faced the devastating famine in 1845. It was called as the Great Famine of Ireland. In 1846, the famine got worse.

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Facts about Famine 9: the famine in China

In 1958 until 1961, China faced famine, which led into the death of 30 million people.



Facts about Famine 10: the prominent famine in 20th century

The most prominent famine in 20th century occurred in Soviet Union in 1932 until 1933, Chinese famine in 1928 and 1942 and in Bengal in 1942 until 1945.

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