10 Facts about Famine in Africa

Africa is the continent mainly affected by famine.  The Upper Egypt experienced drought for several decades in the mid-22nd century BC. The climate change led into the reduction of precipitation in the area. The Old Kingdom collapsed due to the civil strife and famine. All people were dying because of hunger in Upper Egypt narrated in First Intermediate Period. The entire Sahel was affected by famine in 1680s. The people who died of famine in Timbuku reached 50 percent in 1738. Let us find out the useful facts about famine in Africa below:

Facts about Famine in Africa 1: the number of famine in Egypt

Famines affected Egypt in 1687 until 1731 for six times. One-sixth of Egyptian people were affected by the famine, which struck the country in 1784.

Famine in Africa Pic

Famine in Africa Pic

Facts about Famine in Africa 2: The Maghreb

In the end of 18th century and beginning of 19th century, the famine and plague were experienced by the Maghreb.

Facts about Famine in Africa 3: Tunis and Tripoli

In 1785, Tunis experienced famine. In 1784, Tripoli had famine.

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Famine in Africa

Famine in Africa

Facts about Famine in Africa 4: famine in Angola

The famine in Angola took place for at least 70 years according to the John Iliffe in 16th century. The colonists had to return to the river valleys due to the famine as well as epidemic disease.

Facts about Famine in Africa 5: Congo Free State

Congo Free State was heavily affected by famine in 20th century. The empire was funded by using the mass labor camps. Due to the famine, diseases and brutality, 10 million Congolese died.

Facts about Famine in Africa 6: Ethiopia

In 1888, Ethiopia was devastated by famine. The infected cattle were brought to the Eritrea, which spread the rinderpest epizootic in many regions in Africa.

Facts about Famine in Africa 7: the death of heard

Almost 90 percent of herd died in Ethiopia. In an overnight, the rich herders and farmers were devastated. This condition was accompanied by the smallpox epidemic, intense war and drought.

Famine in Africa Facts

Famine in Africa Facts

Facts about Famine in Africa 8: the worst famine

The worst famine in the history occurred in 1888 Sudan. The geographers, economists and agriculturalist were concerned about the famine, which might affect Asia than Africa in the mid-20th century.

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Facts about Famine in Africa 9: the government

Famine in Africa might be contributed by the policy of the government. The blockade of breakaway territory led into a large-scale famine in Biagra and Nigeria in 1967 until 1969.

Facts about Famine in Africa

Facts about Famine in Africa

Facts about Famine in Africa 10: the Emperor Haile Selassie

The Emperor Haile Selassie had to let go his throne due to the famine in 20th century.

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