10 Facts about Family

If you like to study about the human society, read Facts about Family. The marriage, birth and other relationships may affiliate the people into a group called family.  The spouses, parents, sisters, brothers, daughters and sons are included as members of immediate family. The siblings-in-law, cousins, aunts, grandparents, nieces, nephews, and uncles as the members of extended family. Family is considered as the basic unit to raise kids. Let us check other interesting facts about family:

Facts about Family 1: classification of family

The family organization is classified in several types according to anthropologists. The extended family includes parents and kids live with parent’s family. If the family consists of a mother and her children, it is called matrifocal family. The nuclear family or conjugal family consists of parents and children.  If the family consists of a brother, his sister, her children and a grandparent, it is called avuncular family.

Family in India

Family in India

Facts about Family 2: the family lineage

The study about family lineage is spotted in the field of genealogy.

Facts about Family 3: the family economics

In the family economics, family is always the subject to study as a significant economic unit.

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Family Facts

Family Facts

Facts about Family 4: family and parents

The parents in a family have the objective to socialize and nurture the kids. In some cases, the formation of family is not only to produce kids, but also to establish the economically productive household.

Facts about Family 5: a social institution

Family is seen as a social institution according to the date gained from social statistics, law, history and ethnography.

Facts about Family 6: the relations of family

In most cases, the relations of family are defined by the blood. However, many people develop the familial relationship through the idea of sharing and living together.

Facts about Family 7: the role strain

The role strain may occur in a family. To avoid the situation, the equality and communication should be performed.



Facts about Family 8: the normality of nuclear family

The normality of nuclear family today is heavily challenged due to the domestic partnership, single parents and blended parents.

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Facts about Family 9: the matrifocal family

The matrifocal family is centered on a woman who raises her kids. The kids can be adopted or her biological kids.

Facts about Family

Facts about Family

Facts about Family 10: the blended family

The term-blended family is popular today where the children are raised by the mixed parents. It is often called as a stepfamily.

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