10 Facts about Fair Trade Cotton

Facts about Fair Trade Cotton try to give the people insights related to the international trade of cotton. This product is as important as banana, coffee or even tea. Therefore, the fair trade certification is introduced to make sure that the cotton farmer will gain profit from the cotton trade. China and India were the largest producers of cotton according to the report in 2009. The yearly production of cotton in both countries reached 34 million bales and 33.4 million bales. The textile industries are the primary consumers of cotton. Let us find out other surprising facts about fair trade cotton below:

Facts about Fair Trade Cotton 1: the largest exporters

United States are considered as the largest exporters of raw cotton. The sales from United States reach $4.9 billion. Then it is followed by Africa with $2.1 billion.

Fair Trade Cotton
Fair Trade Cotton

Facts about Fair Trade Cotton 2: the global sales of cotton

The global sales of cotton reach $12 billion. It proves that cotton is an important industry in the world. Since 1980, the cotton trade in Africa has been doubled.

Facts about Fair Trade Cotton 3: the cotton farmers

The small holders are the farmers who grow cotton in Africa. The major cotton broker in Africa is Dunavant Enterprises. The company is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. The cotton gins are operated in Zambia, Mozambique and Uganda.

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Fair Trade Cotton Facts
Fair Trade Cotton Facts

Facts about Fair Trade Cotton 4: the low price

Even though cotton is a popular item in the world, the farmers can only sell it at a very low price. It is hard for the farmers in developing countries to compete with the ones in developed countries.

Facts about Fair Trade Cotton 5: the fair trade cotton adoption

The fair trade cotton is introduced internationally to encourage the customers to purchase the organic clothing. Then the fair trade cotton footwear and clothing spread around the world to help the farmers gain more profit.

Facts about Fair Trade Cotton 6: the cotton producers

The cotton producers from Senegal, Mali and Cameroon were the first producers who followed the fair trade cotton system.

Facts about Fair Trade Cotton 7: the ethical reason

By having the fair trade cotton, the producers should meet standards. The usage of dangerous agro chemicals and child labor were prohibited.

Facts about Fair Trade Cotton
Facts about Fair Trade Cotton

Facts about Fair Trade Cotton 8: Uzbekistan

The third largest cotton producer is in Uzbekistan. It employed the forced child and adult labor in the cotton plantation criticized by Environmental Justice Foundation.

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Facts about Fair Trade Cotton 9: cotton in Zambia

There were at least 180,000 small farmers of cotton in Zambia supported by Dunavant Enterprises.


Facts about Fair Trade Cotton 10: subsidized farmers

The financia support is given for 25,000 cotton growers in United States.

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