10 Facts about Fair Trade Bananas

Facts about Fair Trade Bananas inform us with a marketing strategy conducted to improve the wages of agricultural workers and price for the banana growers. It is not a kind of commercial brand. The producers will have a partnership with the fair trade organization to achieve the goal. The consumers will pay higher price on the banana in the fair trade system. Therefore, the gains from the distribution are in equitable result. Let us check other interesting facts about fair trade bananas below:

Facts about Fair Trade Bananas 1: Banafair

Banafair is one of the many organizations, which focuses on the fair trade banana.

Facts about Fair Trade Bananas

Facts about Fair Trade Bananas

Facts about Fair Trade Bananas 2: the work of Banafair

In the mid-1980s, Banafair involved with the fair trade of distributing and importing the unlabeled or uncertified bananas in Germany with the amount of 500 to 1000 tonnes of bananas per year.

Facts about Fair Trade Bananas 3: FLO

Another fair trade banana organization is the FLO or Fair Trading Labeling Organization International founded in 1997 in Bonn, Germany.

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Fair Trade Banana Facts

Fair Trade Banana Facts

Facts about Fair Trade Bananas 4: the main objective of fair trade bananas

There are two primary objectives of FLO. First, the organization tries to set a global standard related to fair trade bananas. Second, it focuses on the initiatives for labeling or certifying fair trade bananas.

Facts about Fair Trade Bananas 5: TransFair

TransFair is considered as the first organization of fair trade bananas, which labeled the bananas when they imported bananas in April 1998 in Germany.

Facts about Fair Trade Bananas 6: the International FairTrade Certification Mark

The International FairTrade Certification Mark is found on the Fair Trade Labeling Organizations International. It is the largest banana importer, which has been renamed into Fair Trade International.

Facts about Fair Trade Bananas 7: the conventional banana trade

Almost 80 percent of the conventional banana trade is under the control of five companies. The price paid to the banana growers and wages paid for the agricultural workers were relatively smaller due the conventional trade system and government intervention.

Fair Trade Bananas

Fair Trade Bananas

Facts about Fair Trade Bananas 8: the banana wars

The banana wars also affect the price and wages. The situation is spotted during the Bananagate bribery scandal and United Fruit Company foundation.

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Facts about Fair Trade Bananas 9: the environmental impact

The sustainable farming practices are encouraged in the fair trade bananas so that the customers are willing to pay more.

Fair Trade Banana

Fair Trade Banana

Facts about Fair Trade Bananas 10: the study about banana trade

The banana trade is a large-scale industry. There is no need to wonder that the study about it has been conducted with various topics discussed such as the retail price wars, organic growing, price competition and tariffs.

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