10 Fun Facts about Fire

Fun Facts about Fire present the information about the process of combustion, which produces light and heat. Actually, other reaction products are also generated. Flames will be produced during the ignition point. The visible part of fire is the flame. The components of flames include nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor and carbon dioxide. Let us find out other impressive facts about fire below:

Fun Facts about Fire 1: plasma

Plasma can be produced from the ionized gasses of fire. However, it should be hot enough to produce plasma.

Facts about Fire

Facts about Fire

Fun Facts about Fire 2: the flame color

The flame color depends on the outside impurities as well as the substances.

Fun Facts about Fire 3: burning

The physical damage may occur due to the presence of fire. Conflagration is mainly occurred because of fire.

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Fire Facts

Fire Facts

Fun Facts about Fire 4: ecological system

The ecological system in the world is mostly influenced by the presence of fire. The ecological system is maintained because of fire. Moreover, it also stimulates growth.

Fun Facts about Fire 5: negative effect

Fire also has negative effect. It can contaminate water; pollute the atmosphere and present hazard on the life of human and other living things.

Fun Facts about Fire 6: heavy rainfalls

Heavy rainfalls occur when the protective vegetation is burned by the fire. The water from the heavy rain will increase the soil erosion.

Fun Facts about Fire 7: the importance of fire

Fire is very important in the life of human being. It has been used for signaling, cooking food, produces heat, clearing land, cremation, forging and smelting.

Fire Image

Fire Image

Fun Facts about Fire 8: the hottest fire

The hottest fire has the white color. Then it is reduced to yellow, orange and red.

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Fun Facts about Fire 9: the temperature of flame on candle

The paraffin candle has the temperature of flame at 1,800 degrees F or 1,000 degrees C.

Fire Pic

Fire Pic

Fun Facts about Fire 10: fire and ecology

Fire plays an important role in the environment. The living things are dependent on fire. It will be easier for the living organisms to thrive if fire occurs at different stages. The scientists believe that the first fire emerged from a land-based flora according to a fossil record-dated back 470 million years ago during the Ordovician period. The oxygen was accumulated at the atmosphere. The first wildfire occurred 420 million years ago based on the fossil record.

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