10 Facts about Flat Earth

Facts about Flat Earth give the readers the information about an old conception that the shape of earth was in disk or plane. China believed in this flat earth cosmography until 17th century.  The Gupta period in the early century AD marked the end of the belief about flat earth in India. Most of the ancient people believed at that time that earth was flat. Let us get other interesting facts about flat earth:

Facts about Flat Earth 1: the aboriginal cultures

The aboriginal cultures, which settled in America, also believed that earth had flat shape. During the pre-scientific period, the communities believe that earth was in the shape of an inverted bowl.

Flat Earth Facts
Flat Earth Facts

Facts about Flat Earth 2: Pythagoras

In 6th century BC, Pythagoras launched the idea about a spherical shape of earth in his Greek philosophy.

Facts about Flat Earth 3: the flat earth model

The flat earth model was retained in the sixth and fifth centuries BC by pre-Socratics.

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Facts about Flat Earth 4: Aristotle

In 330 BC, evidence about the spherical shape of earth was presented by Aristotle. He implemented the evidence based on the empirical ground.


Facts about Flat Earth 5: earth as a disk

Earth was depicted as a disk floating on the ocean in the beginning of Mesopotamian and Egyptian culture.

Facts about Flat Earth 6: the point of view of Israelites

Earth was described as a flat disc floating on the water according to the Israelities. The heavens and earth were separated by an arched firmament. The stars, planets, Moon and sun were embedded in the solid dome called the sky.

Facts about Flat Earth 7: the ancient Egypt

The same cosmography after the flat earth was also seen in the Pyramid Texts and Coffin Texts in ancient Egyptian culture. The nbwt was encircled by the Nun. The latter term was the Ocean, while the former one signified the islands or dry lands.

Flat Earth Map
Flat Earth Map

Facts about Flat Earth 8: the poet

Earth was described as a flat disc by the famous poet, Hesiod and Homer as reflected on the Shield of Achilles.

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Facts about Flat Earth 9: the philosophers

Democritus, Leucippus, and Thales were the philosophers who believed that earth was flat.

Facts about Flat Earth
Facts about Flat Earth

Facts about Flat Earth 10: ancient south Asia

A number of theories in ancient India believed that earth was a flat disc. The flat earth cosmology was represented in most Puranas in the beginning of medieval period.

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